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The Key Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Bushtracks specializes in scheduled and custom journeys by private jet.  Private aviation offers many significant benefits to travelers, including a personalized flying experience, ultimate flexibility and valuable time saving.


When designing a Bushtracks expedition by private jet, we select the optimal routing and  flight departure times, taking into account time zone changes, daylight hours, travel times and more to craft the most streamlined travel experience and allow for maximum enjoyment of activities in your destinations.  Private flights can also be modified at  a moment’s notice should a security issue or other situation necessitate it.

Time saving

Direct routes, access to airports closest to each destination, and fast-tracked airport formalities add up to substantial savings in travel time.  We can connect places that are not easily combined by commercial flights, so you can experience more destinations in a single trip,  and maximize the time you spend  enjoying each.


Business-class seats, spacious cabins with room to move around, attentive service and gourmet meals ensure you arrive at each destination refreshed, relaxed and ready to explore.

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