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The Livingstone Club

Recognizing Our Guests & Their Loyalty

Exclusive Member Benefits

Our “Thank You” for Traveling With Us

For 30 years, Bushtracks owners have shared their passion and knowledge of Africa with guests, who come to love safari so much, they return time and again. The Livingstone Club is not just a “thank you” for travelling with Bushtracks, with a range of bonuses and benefits, it’s a camaraderie club of fellow safari enthusiasts.

Chauffeured Luxury Town Car

A complimentary, chauffeured luxury town car to and from your local U. S. airport within a 60-mile radius of the airport when you book your next Bushtracks custom safari or one of our Private Jet group expeditions. One of the best ways we can start your safari in comfort and end it with convenience is to arrange a luxury chauffeured drive from your door step to your airline check-in, and by meeting you off your return flight and delivering you home in quiet comfort.

$300 Gift Certificate

A $300 gift card for referring friends who take their first Bushtracks safari. If your friends ultimately decide to travel with us, we will show our appreciation for your continued trust in us by sending you a $300 gift card at their time of booking.

See our full terms and conditions for more information.

Trip Development Fees Waived

When you design a custom safari with Bushtracks, we apply a $1,000 trip development fee prior to reserving your space. For our repeat travelers in the Livingstone Club we will waive this trip development fee for any subsequent custom safaris you take with us.

Safari Sneak Previews & Priority Waitlist

You will receive advance notice of any new Bushtracks safaris, including our Expeditions by Private Jet or Expeditions by Private Air. Also watch out for any sneak previews on special offers. Then, jump straight to the front of line with priority waitlisting on sold-out Expeditions by Private Jet or Expeditions by Private Air.

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