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Re-Inventing Safaris for the Ultimate in Immersive and Safe Travel

As we explore new approaches to traveling safely and responsibly post-pandemic, our travel styles and priorities will be evolving. For your inspiration, here are three ways to make your safari travel not just safer, but at the same time more immersive and gratifying as well.

Keep It Simple

If you visit a single country rather than hopping from country to country, you won’t lose precious vacation time traveling between multiple countries and transiting through numerous airports. Furthermore, you will reduce your exposure to other travelers, and only have one set of Covid-testing and visa protocols to follow. Many countries offer a variety of habitats and activities creating a well-rounded safari, so you won’t be sacrificing any experiences.

Explore two of our favorite single-country itineraries:

Slow It Down

Safaris are best done slowly. Rather than rushing every couple of days from one camp to the next, we invite you to slow down your journey and indulge in a more leisurely pace. Choose quality over quantity and savor a deeper experience in each destination for memories that last a lifetime. By limiting your movements, you will minimize your exposure to other travelers. And as an added bonus, many camps offer long-stay specials and other perks to encourage you to linger longer.

Take It Over

Safaris are uniquely suited for exclusivity. Choose your group of travel companions and create a cocoon of safety with exclusive-use properties, private guides and game-viewing vehicles and private aircraft. In the company of your trusted inner circle of friends and family, you can relax and enjoy your safari safely and privately.

For more tips and suggestions on creating the safest, most indulgent safari experience, email our team at


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