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One year until Incredible Africa combines Africa's greatest wonders by private jet.

Our hallmark adventure in 2022 takes place over the course of 22 days. This extraordinary private jet adventure combines the finest African wildlife locations with 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 8 countries. 

This epic journey is brought to life by enthusiastic and knowledgeable local specialists who describe remarkable cultural wonders and animal encounters along the route. ​​David Tett, who curates unique, informative safaris and unconventional experiences, will be your host throughout.

Your journey will travel the length of the African continent with short regional flights ranging from 2-5 hours in duration.  Visit man-made marvels such as Lalibela’s subterranean stone churches and Luxor’s temples and tombs; witness the annual zebra and wildebeest migration in the famed Masai Mara and the awe-inspiring splendor of Victoria Falls; savor food, wine and vistas in the magnificent Cape Winelands; top it all off with superlative wildlife viewing in the Okavango Delta eco-system and a chance at up-close encounters with rare mountain gorillas in the Rwandan rain forest.

Join us on this ultra-exclusive and intimate adventure across Africa on a luxurious, privately chartered executive airliner with participation limited to just 24 travelers.


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