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Bushtracks Expeditions

Luxury Safaris With An Adventurous Spirit

Why an African Safari? Why Bushtracks?

Bushtracks Expeditions is a family-owned and managed company tailoring personalized safaris. Representing six generations of African heritage, the Tett Family is committed to preserving Africa's wild places, wildlife, and the communities that live alongside Africa’s precious flora and fauna. While planning authentic lifetime African memories that match your preferences, our Concierge Team of Expert Safari Planners also ensure that your support to the local communities, guides, camps, and ecosystems all help to conserve the beauty and diversity of Africa for future generations.

Featured Safaris


Kenya's Private Reserves


x nights • From x per person

One Country - Limitless Adventure


Serengeti Migration Safari (Jun-Oct)


x nights • From x per person

Following the Millions


Southern Africa's Best Private Reserves

South Africa, Zambia, Botswana

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Southern Africa's Best Private Reserves & Victoria Falls Safari

Featured Story

In Our Travelers' Words

The Peacock Family

The Peacock Family

Multi-Generational Safari

"Our youngest, Emily is almost 7. And mom and dad are in their late 70's. And the rest of us fall somewhere in between - and I can tell you we ALL just had the best time! It's tricky to have a plan that appeals to everyone. The thought of our daily adventure was so exciting, that no one minded the early morning wake-ups - not even the teenagers! They were often the first ones on the jeep - as they couldn't wait to start the drive each day."

The Ousterhout Family

The Ousterhout Family

Family Safari

"My father-in-law had always wanted to go to Africa, and invited us all to go with him to celebrate his 80th birthday. We went with no expectations, and the trip was beyond anything we could have imagined. In each camp we were exhilarated to be so unbelievably close to animals. Our guides really turned the safari into an educational experience for the girls with in-depth discussions on not just the wildlife, but also history, culture, and the relationship between tourism and the environment. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip – but we hope to return."

Tamar Sherer & Chris Cooper

Tamar Sherer & Chris Cooper

Active Safari

"This was our fourth trip to Africa, and by far the best. We keep going back because we love the whole experience: the people, the wildlife, their behavior, the environment, the accommodations, the music, everything. We chose Bushtracks for this custom adventure with two goals: to see the migration and to see the gorillas. Experiencing the migration was like witnessing a miracle in process. Could it get any better? Yes - the gorilla treks were the most exhausting thing we've ever done, but worth every exhilarating ache. Amazing!"

At the end of the day our travelers are most qualified to describe the African safari experience, and they certainly say it best.

Luxury Safaris

The Masai Mara's Secret Season, Kenya

By Bushtracks

One of Africa’s best-kept-secrets, the Green Season, spans November to May. Escape from the northern hemisphere’s cold weather, while taking advantage of special pricing in Africa’s premier safari camps. But savings are just one of the reasons Africa insiders enjoy Green Season safaris. Enjoy the advantages of Africa during the Secret Season in combination with ...

Lions, Tigers & Tradewinds 2024

November 3-23, 2024 


per person, double occupancy

Flying  in  comfort  aboard  our  private  jet,  we’ll  span  continents  and  oceans,  and  experience  incredibly  diverse  landscapes,  wildlife  and  cultures  in  a  single trip. Traveling to nine carefully selected destinations, we’ll retrace the path of ancient trade routes, making our way from the Middle East to India and on to Africa, with island stops in between.  It’s an exhilarating fusion of lions and tigers, maharajas and Maasai, temples and tropical escapes that you won’t experience with anyone else.







Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds
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