Serengeti Migration & the Masai Mara

9 nights • from $9,522 per person

Following the Millions in Two Countries

The annual spectacle of migrating wildebeests and zebras, with attendant predators, takes place across an immense stage. To be best assured of witnessing it, we stop at multiple locations on the migration circuit from the southern Serengeti to the northern Masai Mara.
9 Nights
5 Destinations

Kilimanjaro & Arusha, Tanzania

Day 1-2

Arusha is the gateway town to Tanzania's northern safari circuit and for treks to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. Arusha has its own little national park - with the black and white colobus monkey its mascot - and Mt Meru dominating the near vicinity, with magnificent snow-capped Kilimanjaro in the distance. This is coffee country, with some charming plantation guest houses.


Siringit Villa

1 Night

Play a round of Kili Golf on this acclaimed 18-hole championship course within sight of Mt Kilimanjaro. Then retreat back to your use villa overlooking the green, with a lap pool, and a chef who cooks up gourmet meals.


Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Day 2-4

The base of this caldera has become a veritable 'Garden of Eden', where thousands of animals cohabitate, and Maasai herd their cattle alongside predators and prey. See giant-tuskers, black-mane lions, 6,000 wildebeest, black rhinos, cheetahs and flamingos turning the soda lakes pink. Game drives descend from the rim in the morning and usually last all day, with a picnic lunch.

The Plantation Lodge

2 Nights

Stroll through this tropical oasis, with heady floral scents and colorful flashes from parrots and lovebirds. This is a tranquil escape from safari life, yet within easy reach of Ngorongoro, the Serengeti and Lake Manyara. Have a massage, then relax poolside.


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Day 4-7

The grunting of thousands of gnu munching their way around the Serengeti plains is a sight and sound to behold. A million wildebeest, zebra and Thompson’s gazelles move steadily onwards in search of sweeter grasses and it’s a time of plenty for predators. Watch the great migration unfold on game drives or from a hot air balloon!


Serengeti Safari Camp

3 Nights

This classic tented home away from home takes camping to great heights, with unexpected luxuries. It relocates three times a year to pre-planned locations around the Serengeti, to coincide with the anticipated wildebeest and zebra migration.


Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Day 7-10

There's something about the big skies, endless savanna and red-robed Maasai sharing their tribal lands with the big game of Africa, that's simply captivating. Camps and lodges range from modern Maasai to colonial 'Out of Africa', and most offer hot air balloon rides, which, from July-September, will reveal thousands of wildebeest having migrated here from the Serengeti.

Little Governors' Camp

3 Nights

Keep your travels within the Governor’s family of camps and you'll enjoy a classic, lantern-lit riverside camp well-frequented by wildlife, plus on-site balloon safaris.


Nairobi, Kenya

Day 10


Serengeti Migration & the Masai Mara

Following the Millions in Two Countries

9 Nights
5 Destinations


$9,522 per person

This is a sample itinerary and the price is an estimate, used for rough planning purposes only and is subject to change. Actual prices and availability must be finalized by one of our trip planners who will contact and confirm pricing with all accommodations and operators.

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In Our Travelers' Words

At the end of the day our travelers are most qualified to describe the African safari experience, and they certainly say it best.

The Peacock Family
Multi-Generational Safari

"Our youngest, Emily is almost 7. And mom and dad are in their late 70's. And the rest of us fall somewhere in between - and I can tell you we ALL just had the best time! It's tricky to have a plan that appeals to everyone. The thought of our daily adventure was so exciting, that no one minded the early morning wake-ups - not even the teenagers! They were often the first ones on the jeep - as they couldn't wait to start the drive each day."

The Ousterhout Family
Family Safari

"My father-in-law had always wanted to go to Africa, and invited us all to go with him to celebrate his 80th birthday. We went with no expectations, and the trip was beyond anything we could have imagined. In each camp we were exhilarated to be so unbelievably close to animals. Our guides really turned the safari into an educational experience for the girls with in-depth discussions on not just the wildlife, but also history, culture, and the relationship between tourism and the environment. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip – but we hope to return."

Tamar Sherer & Chris Cooper
Active Safari

"This was our fourth trip to Africa, and by far the best. We keep going back because we love the whole experience: the people, the wildlife, their behavior, the environment, the accommodations, the music, everything. We chose Bushtracks for this custom adventure with two goals: to see the migration and to see the gorillas. Experiencing the migration was like witnessing a miracle in process. Could it get any better? Yes - the gorilla treks were the most exhausting thing we've ever done, but worth every exhilarating ache. Amazing!"

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