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Visiting Romantic Udaipur, India

A favorite destination on the Lions, Tigers & Tradewinds journey is the picturesque city of Udaipur, nestled along the shores of Lake Pichola and framed by splendid views of the surrounding Aravalli Range. Long the capital of the royal family of Mewar, the Old City abounds with lavish palaces and lakeside temples. Wander the twisting streets and uncover the city’s heart and heritage in its ornate architecture and intricate art.

We’ll enjoy an exclusive lake cruise at sunset and a private tour of the exquisite and imposing City Palace, constructed over a period of nearly four decades and comprising the largest palace complex in Rajasthan. Further afield, visit the Adinatha Temple at Ranakpur and hear insights into the Dharmic religion of Jain that originated on the Indian subcontinent.

Our accommodation, the Taj Lake Palace, was originally the summer retreat destination for the Mewar Royal family. Maharana Bhagwat Singh, Mewar of Udaipur, then transformed it into a hotel in 1963. This elegant structure’s architecture was influenced by Mughals and consists of 65 luxurious rooms and 18 grand suites. Returned to its former glory, the palace became a world-wide topic of conversation when the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’ used the palace as a filming location.

Situated on an island amid Lake Pichola provides every room with stunning panoramas of the neighboring City Palace, Aravalli Hills, Machla Magra Hills and Jag Mandir. Enjoy exquisite meals and a variety of cuisines from the elegant restaurants of the palace, only available to guests, with a perfect backdrop.

The hotel’s spa ensures relaxation and restoration with specialized treatments from the ancient wellness heritage of India, and the envied lifestyle of Indian royalty. Known as the Venice of the East, the city of Udaipur boasts elaborate palaces, serene lakes, intricate temples and thriving gardens making for an unforgettable stop on our Lions, Tigers & Tradewinds journey.


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