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A World In One Country: Uganda

Where can you experience Africa within the borders of one country? Uganda. Enjoy a big game safari on the grassy plains of the Western Rift Valley one day, then track gorillas and chimps in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest the next.

Relish in the epic Mountains of the Moon in the background, admire the roaring rapids of the River Nile and the vast Lake Victoria, and adore the charm of the terraced hillsides. Stunning views and extraordinary experiences are at your fingertips in Uganda.

Take a deep dive into culture during your trip with a visit to a Batwa village. You’ll catch a glimpse of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle from one of the oldest surviving indigenous tribes in Africa. Their skills are nothing short of impressive and offer a fascinating perspective.

Uganda not only offers opportunities to see the rarest of creatures such as the endangered Mountain Gorilla but also the more common wildlife of East Africa: leopard, giraffe, elephant, buffalo, and zebra. Many antelope species roam the savannas and over 1,000 bird species call Uganda home. Savor delectable tropical fruit, be greeted by smiling faces, and adore epic views of the surrounding environment. Enjoy the warm days and the cool nights quintessential of Uganda’s elevation and position on the equator.

Uganda deserves a spot on your bucket list and will be sure to leave you with an ear-to-ear smile.


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