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The Serengeti National Park in May

May brings the last heavy rains of the wet season in Northern Tanzania, where the famous Serengeti National Park is situated.

At this time of year vast herds of zebra, wildebeest and even elephants can be seen heading through Seronera towards the Western Corridor, in search of good grazing. This makes accommodation in the North of the park preferable as the herds had moved away from the South entirely.

The calving season has also just occurred, leaving the plains filled with newborn zebra, wildebeest and various species of antelope. Of course with large concentrations of herbivores, and plentiful young additions to the herds, comes a high concentration of predators, which allows for thrilling sightings.

Besides being an excellent park for Big Five game viewing, this region also becomes a paradise for keen birders, as migratory birds flock here in their masses while on their seasonal journey. After the heavy rains the plains are lush and green, making for fabulous photographic opportunities.

As May is out of the peak season, camps and lodges tend to be more affordable, and parks are much quieter. For those who prefer to avoid the crowds and masses this would be an ideal month for travelling. Combining the Serengeti with a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater would make for a trip to remember.


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