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The Power of Sustainable Travel

On the evening of September 14th, Bushtracks’ CEO, David Tett, presented The Power of Sustainable Travel joined by Bushtracks’ Conservation Partner, Wildlife Conservation Network CEO, Dr. JG Collomb. Both presentations aligned thematically with the clear takeaway that your travel dollar is a key part of the conservation of Africa.

As the world caught on to the magic of safari, it became imperative to implement wild economies, so these wild habitats were financially sustainable. These wild economies use wildlife, plants, and animals as key assets to develop a sustainable surrounding economy. For a wild economy to be successful, it must involve the local communities. Bushtracks’ pledge of 1% for Africa proudly supports the Wildlife Conservation Network with their expansive portfolio of conservation organizations heavily involving local communities.

One of our favorite successful projects is Painted Dog Conservation of Zimbabwe (PDC), who have collected more than 30,000 snares, enough to kill roughly 3,000 animals. PDC is an integral part of managing poaching and preserving the population of wild dogs in Zimbabwe as shared by Dr. JG Collomb at our recent event.

In addition to our dedication to conservation, Bushtracks is committed to eco-tourism, the wild economy we participate in as a safari travel company. Responsible travel to natural areas safeguards the integrity of the ecosystem and produces economic benefits for local communities that can encourage conservation. These values determine how we do business and with whom we do business.

In turn, how does your safari dollar break down on average?

· 52% concession, national park, and reserve fees

· 33% operational costs of the safari camp

· 12% conservation, land management, and anti-poaching

· 3% profit for investors

Check out our Walking Safari in Botswana & Zimbabwe for the chance to see wild dogs and know 1% of your safari cost goes to a Wildlife Conservation Network partner.


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