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The Okavango Delta Flood Journey

At a Glance:

Where:  The Okavango Delta is a unique wetland in northern Botswana. Why: This magnificent wetland is the epitome of tranquility and beauty. When: April is a fantastic month to visit the Okavango Delta, with mild to warm weather, minimal likelihood of rain, and the chance to witness the flood in action as the waters spread out towards the central and northern areas.

The seasonal floods begin in April in the north of the delta and can take up to four months to make their way south, gradually filling and extending the wetland as they go. Water levels in the Okavango Delta are mostly determined by three factors: local rainfall, the quantity of rainfall upstream that will pour down the delta in the yearly ‘flood,’ and your position inside the delta — the further north you are, the more water there will be.

April is a beautiful time to explore this watery wonderland. The landscape is lush, verdant, and full of life. The rise in water levels creates opportunities for seasonal water-based activities. Glide quietly through a mass of water lilies and emerald reed beds in a mokoro – a traditional dug-out canoe – and enjoy spectacular birding and game-viewing opportunities.

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