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The Bushtracks Team’s African Adventures in 2023

At Bushtracks, we immerse ourselves, constantly exploring our favorite camps and unearthing new destinations. Our trip planners don't just plan; they gain first-hand experiences in the bush. With meticulous attention to detail shaped by our own captivating encounters, we curate every safari with passion and a personal touch. 

David’s Moroccan Adventure and Birthday Celebration in Botswana 

In early 2023, David explored the enchanting wonders of Morocco – a North African gem boasting friendly locals, diverse landscapes, snow-capped mountains, ancient Berber culture, and Saharan trade routes. A haven for the well-traveled, the curious, and the adventurous. Bushtracks has been guiding travelers through Morocco for decades and it’s a highlight of our private jet expeditions.  

At the end of 2023, David celebrated his 60th birthday with an epic Botswana safari in the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert, contrasting locales yet equally incredible landscapes with dreamy safari camps. He enjoyed the classic safari rhythm of morning and afternoon game drives, walking safaris, and mokoro safaris. Nothing makes a birthday more special than rare species of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans including meerkats, oryx, black-maned lions, brown hyena, and elusive aardvarks. 

Discover our sample itineraries designed to inspire the custom safari of your dreams. 

Kasey’s First Game Drive in Botswana 

After a decade juggling office admin and a young family, the time was finally right for Kasey Nooris, our System Operations Manager, to take her first game drive. Exploring southern Africa’s secret season of mid-February, she enjoyed warm days, refreshing rain showers, and few tourists. From Johannesburg to camps in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Linyanti, she capped off her adventure visiting both sides of Victoria Falls. Kasey’s journey included visits to Livingstone, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and our Bushtracks offices across four countries.

Ready to take your first game drive or relive the magic of a classic safari? Discover our Best of Botswana and Victoria Falls sample itinerary. 


Sioban’s Visit to Zambia 

Meet Siobhan Love, who recently joined Bushtracks as our Director of Sales in the USA and Canada, bringing a unique traveler's perspective as a Zimbabwe native who has explored Africa extensively. Siobhan experienced our top-notch ground handling services, preferred camps, and signature activities, such as our Zambezi River Cruise on The Victoria. She attests, "Every service was impeccable from start to finish. Witnessing our dedicated team in action, from driver guides with 25 years of experience to skilled boat captains and train staff, instilled a tremendous sense of pride. Even for someone well-acquainted with Victoria Falls, my Bushtracks guide shared fresh insights, making each visit truly enriching." 

Experience epic wildlife sightings in the Okavango Delta and enjoy the hospitality of our Bushtracks team in Victoria Falls on our Okavango Delta & The Mighty Zambezi sample itinerary. 

Daniela’s Hands-On South Africa Journey 

Fueling our passion for African exploration, we stay abreast of top conservation-focused camps and wildlife encounters. Daniela Powers, our Director of Group Expeditions, crafted the second installment of our Into the WildLIFE series – "Hands-On South Africa 2025" by private air. In October, Daniela embarked on a reconnaissance mission to South Africa, ensuring every aspect matched our high standards. She delved into the heart of conservation, participating in monitoring endangered species, joining anti-poaching patrols via helicopter, and assisting in a rhino intervention, showcasing our commitment to immersive and impactful journeys. 

Discover our latest addition to the Into the WildLIFE series by private air Hands-On South Africa, the safari of a lifetime that makes a difference.  


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