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The Best Safari Travel Tours Out of San Francisco, California

Are you searching for the best safari expeditions out of San Francisco? If you’ve always wanted to experience the beauty and excitement of Africa, Bushtracks is here to help you achieve that desire. We offer beautiful safari travel packages that take all your needs into account. Every trip is personalized to ensure you come home with memories that last a lifetime.

Our safari travel packages from San Francisco are created with you to ensure all the activities and events you want are available. Unlike pre-created safaris with extras that you might not be interested in, we’ll ensure you get the best impact for your money every time you fly into Africa to experience the culture and wildlife that makes it so intoxicating.

Why Choose Bushtracks Safari Specialists in San Francisco?

When you look for the right safari specialist in San Francisco, you want them to be experienced, knowledgeable, and flexible. At Bushtracks, each of our safari specialists has all of these qualities. Our company was founded by the Tett family, who go back six generations in Africa. This ensures each of your safaris is fully authentic and planned by insiders who are connected to the guides, camps, and locations in Africa.

Our options for African walking safaris for San Francisco residents include gorgeous natural ecosystems with camps set in the richest wildlife locations. When you travel with Bushtracks, you’ll be introduced to guides, hosts, and African personalities who the Tetts have known for years, each having a passion for wildlife, African culture, and conservation.

The moment you call us to speak about safari travel tours out of San Francisco, you’ll immediately note that every travel planner is an enthusiast about expeditions and has been to all the locations you’re excited to visit. Nowhere else offers safari expeditions from San Francisco with a more dedicated and experienced team of African travel experts.

Even More Benefits Available for Members

After you experience your first breathtaking expedition to Africa taking in the culture and wildlife, don’t be surprised if you want to go on another one soon. Because of that, Bushtracks offers the Livingstone Club, which includes extra benefits, bonuses, and access to other safari enthusiasts.

One benefit of booking walking safaris in Africa, originating in San Francisco, is access to a chauffeured luxury town car that takes you to and from the local airport. This is an excellent way to enjoy a comfortable trip from start to finish. Our convenient chauffeured drivers will take you from your door to check in and meet you after your return flight.

Another fantastic reason to sign up is for access to a priority waitlist and sneak peeks of safaris yet to come. You’ll be one of the first to learn about new safaris, including expeditions by private air or private jet. Sneak previews will be available for special offers so you can book your next expedition easily. Priority waitlisting lets you jump the line and head back to Africa.

Other perks of the Livingstone Club include waived trip development fees and a $300 gift certificate. These are great benefits for anyone who wants to go on frequent trips without breaking the bank in the process. The gift certificate is available if a friend takes their first safari through Bushtracks, while the waived development fees are for your own expeditions.

Whether you want to see the wildlife in Kenya or take in the culture in Botswana, we offer custom packages that will meet your needs. Our African expeditions cover Southern and Eastern Africa, so there are tons of destinations to choose from. Reach out to us and speak with an expert travel planner (1.800.995.8689) to plan an authentic African expedition today.


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