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Planning African Safaris for the family over the holidays

There’s no better way for extended families to connect and create memories than on safari. However, planning a trip with lots of people isn’t always easy. Learn how to plan sure-to-please family African safaris with advice from Bushtracks.

Share travel plans at the holiday table

Keep the conversation from drifting into those dreaded controversial topics by using your time around the holiday table to lay the groundwork for a family safari, a subject which generally gets everyone excited. First, get a sense of schedules, and then discuss expectations for the trip: how long would people like to be away, are there places they’ve heard of that they want to explore, and what are things they’ve dreamed of seeing in Africa. Because the summer months are peak travel time in Africa, and space in Bushtracks’ recommended camps is limited, November and December are great times to have these conversations, before space becomes difficult to secure for the following year.

Travelers on safari in the Okavango Delta
Entrust your safari plans to an expert

Once you have an understanding of what your group wants, call one of our African safari experts.

Custom safaris are perfect for all family groups: allowing you to pick any date on the calendar that works for your group, and working within your specific travel goals and budget. All of our planners have been to Africa, some many times, and are skilled at matching your preferences with camps and routing that work for you. They will prepare several custom itineraries for you, and work with you to choose the one that fits best for your group. Having a safari itinerary in hand will help you communicate clearly across branches of your family.

Leopards near Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta in Botswana
Sit Back and Let Us Handle the Details

Once your family African safari is booked and your spaces reserved, your Bushtracks safari planner will provide you with a detailed list of everything you need to know and to pack for your safari. Behind the scenes, they will make sure that all of your ground and air transfers between camps are arranged, and that the camps are ready to welcome you and make special accommodations as needed. We will also help you fine-tune your activity choices. Your time in camps is very flexible: some members of the group can go on a game drive, while others rest, or enjoy activities like boating and walks, where available. In the evenings, everyone can gather to share tales of that day’s wildlife sightings.

Start with our Top Safari for Families
Traveler relaxes and enjoys outdoor dining at Tortilis Camp with a view of Amboseli National Park in Kenya

Southern Africa’s Best Private Reserves is a favorite among our family African safaris and, as with all of our custom programs, it can be taken on whatever date your family chooses, and modifications can be made to camp selection to suit your budget. You’ll find that it is just the right length, includes reliable sightings of lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo (Africa’s Big Five), and features guides who specialize in capturing the attention of kids and teens. Have a look, discuss it with your family, and call one of our expert safari planners to get started making your Africa dream a reality.

Explore our sample itineraries here and download your favorites to show your family at your next holiday gathering!


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