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Our letter to you for the Holidays. Happy New Year!

Dear Friend,

This holiday season we are treasuring our 31-year journey, and look forward to sharing experiences of authentic and wild Africa for years to come.

More than anything, we are thankful for having a supportive community which cares for Africa’s wildlife and wild lands, and grateful that our partnership with African Wildlife Foundation fosters sustainability across wild Africa for current and future generations. These were the goals and dreams when Bushtracks was first started by David and Carolyn Tett back in 1989 and it’s because all of you that the dream lives on.

Throughout this last year, the Bushtracks Expeditions team has been working on many amazing safaris – ranging in group sizes and duration, countries visited and distances between, experiences had and memories made – but always with safety and comfort in mind, and an aim to bring authentic experiences of Africa to all of you to treasure for years to come.

Our new set of safari offerings for 2020, built in collaboration with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), are gearing up for their scheduled adventures while we’re eagerly planning new offerings for 2021. These trips are led by AWF expert naturalists and conservationists, sure to provide a perspective and experience that can only be facilitated by those who have dedicated their lives and careers to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and wild lands. We’re proud to know that all our safaris, not just the ones led by their experts, support AWF through our 1% for Africa Program, providing crucial funding to the array of AWF programs focused on protecting Africa’s wildlife and wild lands, while also working with and supporting Africa’s communities.

African Wildlife Foundation’s Mau Forest replanting project in action

A warden protecting rhinos for African Wildlife Foundations Rhino Conservation Program

A dog training session for African Wildlife Foundation’s Canines for Conservation Program

Backpack donations for African Wildlife Foundation’s Classroom Africa Program

Our Custom Safari Team, specifically, is looking forward to getting all of our holiday travelers on their way to making lasting memories with family and friends this December and into January, 2020. They are also reflecting on all of the photos and experiences from 2019 safaris that our travelers have shared with us – this is one of the best rewards we receive for our work!

Bushtracks Expeditions Traveler Photos from Bob P.

A young Baboon

A wild Southern Ground Hornbill in the African bush

A wild Spiral Horned Antelope

Samantha, our Senior Program Coordinator of 13 years, is looking forward to planning her own safari to Namibia and Cape Town in early 2020 to scout out and inspect safari camps for Bushtracks, an important part of making sure she’s current on all the latest information about our preferred properties in order to be fully equipped to help you decide which properties will suit you best when you travel with us. She’s hoping for more photographic opportunities like the one in this photo!

Bushtracks Expeditions Senior Program Coordinator Samantha Barbitta smiles for the camera as her boat passes a wild elephant

Every year we plan a scheduled private jet expedition for a group of like-minded adventurers to explore Africa in style and comfort, led by experts in their fields. Our private jet expedition, ‘Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds’, was underway at the time of the first posting of this article in 2019, wrapping up in time to get home for more unwrapping. Here are some trip photos from Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds, below:

Bushtracks Expeditions Private Jet Expedition Group for Lions Tigers and Tradewinds in 2019

Private Jet Expedition group dinner in Oman during Lions Tigers and Tradewinds

The marketing team is grateful for all of the wonderful experiences that past travelers have shared from their trips, through their photos; and looking forward to sharing more wild African experiences through online storytelling on social media.

We are all grateful for your support, and we will continue to work to create incredible safaris experiences in the future!

Thank you for making our dreams possible.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!

From the Bushtracks Expeditions Team

P.S. Remember, it’s not too late to sign up for a scheduled departure or to have us start planning a custom trip for you.  For inspiration, take a look at our top trips:

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