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It (Can Be) A Family Affair

What You Need to Know to Plan Your Family’s Ideal Safari

Every year, the Rowland family reunites at a beach house dubbed "Camp Rowland.” Years ago, with two grandchildren about to start college, they took "Camp Rowland" to Africa. Judy Rowland, the matriarch and storyteller of the family, shares a memorable experience they had at MalaMala Game Reserve, a private reserve located in South Africa's Greater Kruger National Park.

"We had moments that took our breath away, and we got to share them with our children and grandchildren. We had the opportunity to dine under a magnificent African night sky, surrounded by thousands of stars while enjoying dinner around a cozy bonfire and discussing the day's adventures."

A trip to Africa is a chance to assemble generations of family in an extraordinary setting to share a sense of wonder and discovery together. A safari is an excellent way to bond the young and old, experiencing an adventure for the first time. A Bushtracks safari expert will assist in the planning and address priorities such as mobility limitations and traveling with younger children.

MalaMala is very popular with families of all ages because of its reliable wildlife sightings, friendly staff, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, flexible room configurations, child-minding options, and Children’s Program. Each child, between ages four and twelve years receives a MalaMala backpack with an interactive checklist, bird and mammal coloring books, and more. Specially designed activities for children include learning basic survival skills like finding water, identifying edible plants, and using plants for medicinal purposes. Older children learn how to recognize animal warning signs and basic first aid skills for bush emergencies

Bushtracks’ safari experts discuss and make personalized recommendations for families traveling with young children and the ways traveler’s priorities and preferences may be accommodated. There are family friendly camps and lodges throughout Africa’s most iconic safari destinations. Let Bushtracks assist in planning a safari for your family and create memories with your loved ones for a lifetime.

Images: MalaMala Private Game Reserve


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