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Don’t Miss Your Chance...

Join the ultimate journey by private jet featuring African safaris, Middle Eastern deserts, and India’s opulent architecture. Lions, Tigers & Tradewinds will embark November 2024 with an exhilarating itinerary spanning continents.

“This is one of our most diverse itineraries, retracing the path of ancient trade routes from the Middle East to Africa and India, discovering ancient civilizations and rarely seen wildlife; it’s a fusion of maharajas, temples, lions, tigers, and tropical escapes—all while flying in ultimate comfort and safety aboard our private jet,” explains Bushtracks founder David Tett.

Don’t take our word for it. Carl Safina, an ecologist and marine conservationist, as well as a MacArthur, Guggenheim, and Pew Fellow, remembers Lions, Tigers & Tradewinds with his wife Patricia Paladines:

“I enjoyed every moment of our Bushtracks trip and was often blown away by surprises and pleasures I did not anticipate. Oman, for instance, was a near-total surprise to me, and the temples of India blew open a window in my mind that gave me a new perspective on religions and human relationships to life and death. Seychelles was heavenly; good thing we left when we did, or we might have decided to stay there forever!

Each country showed us delights and surprises beyond all my expectations, but that did not happen by itself. The staff was incredible, both because of how extraordinarily well-planned our stops were with excellent on-the-ground fixers and guides and with no time wasted and because of the grace and speed with which they dodged curves and secured contingencies when well-laid plans unavoidably went awry.

And, of course, the trip was strung together with one pearl—the Black one—that made the skies truly friendly and a pure pleasure. Who could have expected that being stuck in a VIP 757 on a runway for several hours could be so pleasant, restful, and delicious? Or that we would have a Christmas party at 30,000 feet

Of course, for me, the wildlife was what I most anticipated. We got fortunate with tigers, and the birds and other creatures were likewise wonderful—as was the women’s co-op at the edge of the Tiger Reserve. Kenya was superb and very reassuring to me because of all the open land we saw from the planes between Nairobi and the Mara.

And then, our group moved through the cultural and ethnic histories of West and North Africa with all their colors, art, sights, sounds, smells, tastes—and deals. Thank you for being such a newly memorable part of our life. Patricia and I sincerely hope our paths will cross again, whether in brief prosaic visits or another epic journey.”


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