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2015 Africa by Private Jet Expedition Highlights

In August, Bushtracks President David Tett hosted an Africa by Private Jet expedition: exploring Africa’s Great Rift Valley from the Kalahari to Ethiopia over 16 days with 25 travelers. Here David shares some of his photos and highlights from this extraordinary Africa by Private Jet program.

The combination of exciting destinations, personal and authentic experiences, and my wonderful group of fellow travelers made this journey one none of us will ever forget. As one of our travelers said,

“I’ve been on safari many times, but never on one so unique. We felt like we were seeing Africa, without tourists, as it was 100 years ago.”

Our first stop was the Okavango Delta. Here we saw a rare herd of sable at Vumbura Plains. The big black bull is impressive, and one of the biggest I have ever seen.

A soup stop surprise during our night drive in the Okavango Delta. Really hits the spot as you head back to camp for dinner.

Our group was warmly welcomed at every stop. Here is Naledi Boitumelo, one of the charming camp staff who looked after our private jet group at Vumbura Plains

Our bush jet has high wings which means a quiet comfortable ride, clear views of Africa below, and an impressive performance that got us in and out of short regional runways like here in Maun, Botswana.

This journey followed Africa’s great Rift Valley all the way from the Okavango to Ethiopia. Here you can see it clearly, guiding the mighty Zambezi River along the rift and the Zambezi escarpment

A surprise water lunch for our private jet group – cold beer and wine, a wonderful “picnic” lunch that keeps the feet cool in the Zambezi sand.

Now this “commute” to Sausage Tree Camp in the Lower Zambezi National Park is one you will want to do every day!

Lamai has location, location, location. This stunning camp is set on a hill overlooking the Serengeti.

Working our way through herds of migrating wildebeest in the Lamai Wedge, Northern Serengeti.

A clear and rare view of Kilimanjaro – after 25 years of safaris, this is only the second time I have seen the snows of Kilimanjaro from the air.

Gazing up at a vibrantly colored door at Ura Kidane Mihret Ethiopian Orthodox Church on Lake Tana.

Our group went to a restaurant in Addis Ababa where the locals go for entertainment. We were treated to a wonderful show, great music, and traditional Ethiopian food.

A procession of Ethiopian priests and worshipers at Lalibela, a very active site of worship for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

We witnessed a rare “dress rehearsal” of the Timkat, or Epiphany, festival, generally held in January. The traditional dress and ceremony were stunning, and very moving.

An incredible journey along Africa’s Great Rift, ending at Lalibela in the verdant, beautiful and historical highlands of Ethiopia.


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