Expeditions by Private Jet

From Thousands of Feet Up...to a Few Feet Away

Travel with Comfort & Ease By Private Jet

Writers have always described the beauty of Africa and its enormity, how even the sky seems higher, vaster, than anywhere else on earth. Our private jet and bush craft will transport you with ease and comfort, revealing unforgettable vistas of the terrain and wildlife below. That’s why we specialize in private air expeditions, for reasons both romantic and rational - to provide you with the most profound experience in Africa and the most effortless flow from one wonder to another. In over thirty years of designing private air expeditions, we’ve identified the very best, most authentic and stylish properties. Some within legendary destinations; others on private concessions where we are often the only group, giving you exclusive access to exceptional habitats and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Incredible Africa 2021

13 Guests, 22 Days, 8 Countries
August 30 - September 20, 2021
$84,880 per person

Athens, Greece | Addis Ababa & Lalibela, Ethiopia | Masai Mara, Kenya | Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe | Cape Town, South Africa | Okavango Delta, Botswana | Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda | Luxor, Egypt | Athens, Greece

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