Conservation Feature: Ewaso Lions

Ewaso Lions is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to ensuring the coexistence of humans and wildlife, specifically lions and other wildlife. A completely African wildlife conservation organization, Ewaso Lions calls Samburu, Isiolo and Nairobi home. They have the imperative goal of engaging key demographic groups,  including elders, warriors, women, and children, in order to reduce […]

Top 5 National Parks & Conservation Areas in Tanzania

Maximize your wildlife encounters at our Top 5 National Parks & Conservation Areas, Tanzania: Serengeti National Park, Mahale Mountain National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Ruaha National Park. Serengeti National Park is one of Tanzania’s Seven Wonders and a top-tier wildlife viewing destination. A bucket-list item for many, this national park is home […]

Whales in the Cape, South Africa

It is well known that one of the best spots in Africa for whale watching is the Western Cape region of South Africa. At certain times of the year, hundreds flock to the Western Cape’s shores to marvel at these gentle giants frolicking in the coastal waters with their calves.   The best time for whale […]

Nyerere National Park in the Selous Ecosystem, Tanzania 

The Nyerere National Park, south of Dar Es Salaam, forms part of the Selous Game Reserve. The Selous Game Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and happens to be one of Africa’s largest protected areas.   The incredibly biodiverse region is rich with unique flora and fauna. Visitors to the area can expect a variety […]

Visit Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique

The Bazaruto Archipelago, which lies within the Bazaruto National Park, is formed by a group of 6 wondrous islands off the coast of Mozambique.   The warm Indian Ocean laps at the shores of the white sandy beaches, while exotic marine life dwell in the coral reefs below. This stunning destination is particularly popular for water-based […]

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia is a land known for its unspoiled desert beauty, and no where is this more apparent than at Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei is a brilliant white salt and clay pan nestled in the midst of the huge red sand dunes of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in central Namibia. This huge arid region of shifting sand dunes, […]

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park is in northeast Rwanda. The park is a 2-hour drive from Kigali and is the last edge of the West African rainforest. Volcanoes National Park is in a mountainous region with high altitude virgin rainforests, full to the brim with vibrant and unique wildlife species. It is a travel destination like no […]

South Africa's Top 5 National Parks

South Africa is a vast country that has been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and is one of the world’s greatest wildlife-watching destinations. Its abundance of animals includes the ‘Big Five’ of African animals, as well as a multitude of other animals, both big and small. In fact, the Rainbow Nation, as it […]

The dry season in Southern Africa

Winter in southern Africa lasts from May to August and some consider this the best time to visit – temperatures are mild, and foliage is thinning, making wildlife easier to spot. As temperatures begin to rise and the dry season progresses into September and October, water is becoming increasingly scarce and animals are drawn to […]

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