Visit Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique

By Bushtracks
August 23, 2022

The Bazaruto Archipelago, which lies within the Bazaruto National Park, is formed by a group of 6 wondrous islands off the coast of Mozambique.  

The warm Indian Ocean laps at the shores of the white sandy beaches, while exotic marine life dwell in the coral reefs below. This stunning destination is particularly popular for water-based activities such as dhow excursions, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and snorkeling.

Those seeking more thrills and adventure can take part in waterskiing, dune boarding, surfing, wake and kneeboarding, and diving. There are a variety of marine species to marvel at while diving and snorkeling such as angel fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, devil rays, and sea turtles. Larger endangered species such as whale sharks, manta rays, dugongs, and leatherback turtles can also be seen in these sparkling turquoise waters.  

Whilst in the area, an excursion to Pansy Island is a must. At the right time of year, visitors may even enjoy a rare flamingo sighting from this remote sandbank. If you’re looking to sip cocktails on picturesque beaches and be dazzled by gorgeous sunsets, Bazaruto is the place for you.  

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