Travel in Changing Times

Navigating COVID-19 Together

The decision to travel – and when and where we choose to venture – is shaped by our personal comfort levels. For some, a trip to Africa cannot come soon enough, while others might not be ready to resume travel just yet. Whatever your inclination, we want to assure you that your health and safety are always our top priority. While no travel is completely risk-free, safari travel is particularly well-suited to safe and comfortable adventures in these unusual times.
We are pleased that many of our guests are making plans for future adventures. Here is how we and our trusted partners in Africa work behind the scenes to keep you safe on safari while ensuring there is no shortage of the warm hospitality and phenomenal game viewing that make a trip to Africa so memorable.

Staying Informed & Keeping You Up To Date

As travel experts, we always keep a close eye on what is happening around the world and evaluate how it might impact our trips, and the same is true for the Covid-19 pandemic. We keep abreast of guidelines and recommendations established by the CDC and WHO, as well as restrictions and regulations implemented by the countries we visit. We stay in close contact with our partners on the ground for real-time news. And as a small, family-run company with a personal connection to each guest, we have the ability to be highly responsive to changing conditions. We ensure you are always in the loop on any updates related to your departure, such as Covid testing requirements, so you can travel safely, confidently and well-prepared.

Creating the ultimate, personalized travel experience

Safaris are highly adaptable by nature, providing freedom and flexibility to match your unique travel priorities. Small private villas on exclusive use, your own game vehicle and private aircraft transfers are some of the options that can enhance your safety and enjoyment. Your trip is created entirely from scratch and tailored to your personal style and preferences.

Carefully developed health protocols for superior hygiene, sanitation and distancing

African countries have a particularly pressing stake in maintaining safe tourism. Hence, in addition to requiring proof of a negative Covid test from visitors, governments are implementing and monitoring very stringent public health protocols in all aspects of public life, and particularly tourism businesses. Safari camps are inherently ideal for social distancing, typically hosting small numbers of visitors and offering multiple dining experiences and venues for spacing. Most activities happen al fresco in pristine wide-open wilderness.
Accommodations, public areas and vehicles are thoroughly sanitized between guest activities. Game-viewing vehicles are designed for low occupancy and are generally open to the fresh air. In camp, precautions include daily temperature checks of staff and guests, face wear and sanitizing stations. All of these features combine to make safaris one of the best ways to travel safely and responsibly.
As we all navigate this pandemic together and anticipate the long-awaited return to travel, we are here to answer any questions you have along the way.

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