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Top Safari Trips to Kenya Africa: Kenya's Private Reserves Safari


Why go to Kenya? As one of our top trips to Africa, this Kenya safari delivers the feeling of days of yore in an untrammeled setting by taking advantage of private wilderness reserves in bucolic places with access to top game-viewing. So many dream of visiting Africa as depicted by legendary explorers only to find themselves surrounded by crowds of fellow adventure-seekers, rather than in a pristine “Out of Africa” setting.

It also joins Northern and Southern Kenya, giving you a chance to experience diverse landscapes and spot different species over the course of your safari. Spot some of the largest bull elephants you’ll likely see in your life. Amboseli is famous for them. Rely on the expertise of Maasai trackers to find leopards out in the bush. You’ll see a lot more animals along the way. Head out into the open plains of the famous Masai Mara. The ancient drama of life and death plays out every day in these grasslands. Enjoy all of these timeless experiences from very comfortable and modern accommodations. In that way, this is even better than the classic safaris of old.

The Itinerary

Day 1 House of Waine, Nairobi, Kenya

House of Wayne in Nairobi Kenya

Days 2 – 4  Satao Elerai, Amboseli, Kenya

Breakfast in Bed at Satao Elerai Mt Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park Kenya

Days 5 – 7 Sasaab, Samburu, Kenya

View from Sasaab Kenya

Days 8 – 10  Mara Plains, Masai Mara, Kenya

Mara Plains in Masai Mara Kenya

Day 11 (Depart) Nairobi, Kenya

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