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The Pursuit of Luxury & Learning

Lions, Tigers & Tradewinds will embark November 3-23, 2024, with an updated itinerary and even more excitement and adventure.

This is one of our most diverse itineraries, retracing the path of ancient trade routes from the Middle East to Africa and India, discovering ancient civilizations and rarely seen wildlife; it’s a fusion of maharajas, temples, lions, tigers, and tropical escapes—all while flying in ultimate comfort and safety aboard our private jet,” explains Bushtracks founder David Tett.

One of the stops on this trip of a lifetime is the Oman National Museum. Discover the country’s heritage and join Dr. Jeff Rose, archeologist and National Geographic Explorer, at the spectacular Wadi Tanuf gorge. With a long list of accomplishments in the fields of anthropology and archeology, he is an eloquent educator making for an incredibly interesting and colorful section of the trip. He specializes in modern human origins, neolithization, stone tool technology, archaeogenetics, rock art, geoarchaeology, underwater archaeology, near Eastern mythology, folklore, and religion. Conclude the experience perched 6,500 feet high at the breathtaking Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar, one of the highest luxury resorts in the world. It features rejuvenating hammam rituals and a stargazing platform.

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