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Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association

At Bushtracks, we wholeheartedly believe we have a responsibility to heavily participate in conserving Africa. This is why we work closely with crucial companies such as the Wildlife Conservation Network. They are heavily involved and dedicated to companies with the desire to conserve Africa. We think that the Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association (RWCA) deserves a moment in the spotlight after removing hundreds of cranes from captivity, reintroducing them to the wild, protecting and restoring their wetland habitat, and working closely with communities to raise awareness of conservation. The Wildlife Conservation Network participates in sustainable conservation efforts by always involving the surrounding communities.

Grey crowned cranes are magnificent creatures. Breeding season invites intriguing behaviors to attract their life-long monogamous mates. They can be seen dancing, bowing, running, jumping, and making low booming calls. They build their nests together on a wetland’s edge and sometimes in a tree. RWCA has defeated the odds in restoring these cranes and their habitat. At the start of their work, captive cranes outnumbered the wild population, which was estimated at the time between 50 to 300. Due to RWCA’s diligent efforts, the 2021 census rose to an impressive 997 wild grey crowned cranes in Rwanda. Additionally, they documented a rising number of juveniles.

This trail-blazing organization was founded and is led by Rwandan wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Olivier Nsengimana. Rwanda continues to face major competition over land and natural resources due to high population density and poverty. This is why the RWCA’s work with communities living around key crane habitats is vital to the success of conserving these cranes. The RWCA also strives to provide young Rwandan veterinarians and conservationists with educational opportunities that will hopefully inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationists in Rwanda.


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