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We all have an innate desire to build memories, explore new places, and connect with people.

After graduating from the University of Cape Town in 1985, I remember flying home to Zimbabwe, stepping off the plane in the early morning and being greeted by that distinct, clean smell of savannah grass – delightful memory I can still vividly recall

But even before the current travel crisis, the romance of travel has been wearing thin, with one constant that goes hand in hand with international travel – stress.

What Bushtracks is Doing for our Travelers

(above) Bushtracks owners and expert trip planners team wearing their masks

By planning your safari with us, we lower this stress.  We also make your travel experience better, not just safer.

We start with old-fashioned face-to-face planning (currently on Zoom) to co-create an exciting, wild, and personalized journey.  You have a lot of choice and control over your custom safari, so it matches your personal preferences.

As the world commercializes in every corner, we remain even more committed to finding genuine African experiences away from the crowds.

We analyze your logistical path, starting at your front door, to the airport, on international flights, your bush flights, your daily game drives, and all the way back to your front door.

Yes – Wellbeing, safety and health protocols are, and will continue to be, our priority when planning your journey through Africa, with one immediate upside to this travel crisis – you’ll board much cleaner aircraft!

(above) A giraffe and a herd of wildebeest in Masai Mara Kenya – photo taken by Saruni Mara

If this is your first trip to Africa, we’ll educate you and reassure you.  For example, exploring the Masai Mara surrounded by wildebeest and giraffes is one of the safest places you could be.  Your daily game drives and walking safaris are all outdoors in the African sunshine.  Your safari camp has only 16 or 24 “rooms”,  often spaced 50 to 100 yards apart.  Dining in camp – breakfast, lunch, or dinner – is often staged al fresco where your private group or family is well distanced.

Bringing Digital Technology to your Safari Plans

For 2 years, Bushtracks has been developing an online reservation platform and trip builder which, combined with our face-to-face planning, makes your purchase journey easy and straightforward.  Our trip planners build your custom safari in the new system, store your personal preferences, and offer guests a private portal where you can complete your reservation forms and pay deposits.

We are also excited to launch our NEW website

The website you’re on right now (our very own will take you into pristine savannas full of lions and elephants and show you balloon safaris, wild rivers, gorilla treks and much more.

(above) Travelers see wildlife in Masai Mara National Reserve during a game drive in Kenya – photo by Pepper Camp

So take a break and spend a few inspiring minutes in virtual Africa – it might just start a journey that takes you there and leaves you with delightful, vivid memories you can savor for life:

See our collection of sample custom journeys (

Learn about our favorite destinations and National Parks (

Review hundreds of our hand-picked safari camps and compare their daily rates (

Check out our scheduled private jet journey through Africa (

Hero image at the top of the page was a Goliath Heron in KwaZulu-Natal – photo by Alamy Ann and Steve Toon

The first version of this article was posted on 19 Aug 2020 at 02:00 PM.


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