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Learn More about Private Villas, Houses and Camps

Bushtracks Expeditions knows where to go and who to trust if you’re looking for private, luxurious spaces to come home to during your stay in Africa.

We book private spaces that are exclusively staffed for a variety of reasons, according to the needs of each traveler and private party.  Our experience tells us that private spaces can be a way for travelers to feel more comfortable during their safari adventure – especially on an itinerary that includes an extended stay in a solo location.

In addition to the luxury of relaxing in a private accommodation that is exclusively staffed for your travel party, your entire African safari experience may also be made more exclusive with private planes and vehicles during your vacation.  Private guides can lead your travel party’s activities and be with you to answer questions that arise during your safari adventures.

Private Villas and Houses, each with two or more bedrooms, are available in many safari locations. All camps and lodges can be taken over exclusively by your party, even if they might normally be shared with other travelers. Further, some smaller camps’ policies are to only book for exclusive use by a single travel party. Smaller accommodations with just three to six tents/rooms lend themselves well to exclusive use by parties of 6-12 travelers however, even a large accommodation may be booked exclusively, depending on the size of your group.

Whether your preference for private accommodations has to do with a desire to limit exposure to other people, increase quality time with your loved ones, or maximize the opportunities to customize your entire safari experience by making your own schedule each day – we will ensure that your trip is created in accordance with your values and needs.

If you feel that an extended stay at a private accommodation aligns with your travel goals, here are the different types to private accommodations to consider:

Private Villas & Houses

✓ Exclusively staffed for your needs ✓ Only booked for Private Parties ✓ Some of our favortie locations:

✓ Maasai Mara, Kenya ✓ Serengeti, Tanzania ✓ Linyanti/Selinda, Botswana ✓ Okavango Delta, Botswana ✓ Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia ✓ Kalahari, South Africa ✓ Kruger National Park, South Africa

Private Small Camps

✓ Exclusively staffed for your needs ✓ Only booked for Private Parties ✓ Some of our favortie locations:

✓ Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania ✓ Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Other Camps & Lodges

✓ Can offer private vehicles and guides ✓ Can be booked for private or shared use ✓ Available in all safari locations

Contact to learn more.

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