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Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony to be held online on September 24, 2021.

The Rwanda Development Board will digitally hold its yearly ceremony to name the new infant gorillas born this year on September 24, World Gorilla Day. This will be the 16th annual ‘Kwita Izina’ naming ceremony. 24 baby gorillas will be given names this year. 10 of the 24 infants are in Fossey Fund monitored groups. The names will mostly be picked by front-line conservationists, like the park rangers, scouts, and vets, who guard and care for them daily. 

While this year’s event will be held online, it will still honor Rwanda’s comprehensive conservation strategy, which includes tourism efforts, government commitment, research, conservation, and community initiatives. To see endangered mountain gorillas in the wild, join us on Incredible Africa 2022!

You can find out more about the ceremony here.

Gorilla Eating Plants at Bwindi Lodge in Uganda

Credit – Bwindi Lodge

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