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Kenya's Top 5 Places to Visit on Your African Safari

From the Africa’s wildlife in the Masai Mara to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, take a virtual journey through our top 5 African safari destinations in Kenya, the gateway to East Africa.

1. Masai Mara: Best Place to See African Wildlife and Game

There is a very good reason the Masai Mara is such a popular safari destination.  It is hands down the best place to see wildlife in Kenya. It is also stunning. The Mara River winds through vast, open short-grass plains and the Oloololo Escarpment provides a breathtaking backdrop. Flat-topped acacias occasionally dot the landscape, and aerial views reveal hippos, buffalo, giraffes, and elephants. The Masai Mara is part of the Serengeti ecosystem, and teems with migrating wildebeests and zebras when they pass through on their annual circuit.

2. Amboseli: Stunning Mount Kilimanjaro Views

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in your safari tent, and seeing the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro from your bed? Amboseli National Park is where you can do just that. The camps we use are set on large private reserves that lie adjacent to the national park and allow you to do non-park activities such as walking safaris, night drives, and visits to Maasai communities and group ranches. You can also take game drives inside the park for sightings of some of the biggest bull elephants you have ever seen, all framed by Kilimanjaro in the background.

3.  Mount Kenya in Laikipia: Elevated Adventures

The Laikipia National Park is one of Kenya’s newest national parks, known for free-roaming game, spectacular scenery, and a traditional pastoral way of life. Its open savanna ecosystem supports a wide diversity of species, from the endangered Grevy’s zebra and elephant to the patas monkey, Somali ostrich, and Beisa oryx. It is also central to many surrounding private ranches such as the Loisaba Ranch and the Segera Ranch, where you can enjoy safaris unaffected by national park restrictions.

4. Samburu Game Reserve: An Oasis Amid a Lava Field

Samburu’s Ewaso Nyiro River sustains an oasis amid an arid lava field, attracting animals from far and wide. Many leopards call this area home, increasing your odds of spotting the elusive hunter. Elephants, reticulated giraffes, zebras, oryx, lions, and hyenas are all to be found on the reserve. Samburu guides will familiarize you with the land, its wild inhabitants, as well as the traditions of their semi-nomadic way of life. Staying in camps on private conservancies like Sasaab allow guests to view wildlife in private surroundings, plus enjoy activities like night game drives and guided walks, not allowed in the national parks.

5. Nairobi: Gateway to Eastern Africa

Nairobi is one of the main gateways to East Africa and gives you access not only to Kenya, but also Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. It also provides access to the rainforest of Central Africa and its forest elephants and lowland gorillas. Most itineraries require an overnight in Nairobi, and one of the best places to stay is the suburb of Karen where you can also visit the Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Manor or the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage during feeding time in the afternoon.

The first version of this article was posted on 15 May 2014 at 10:53 AM.


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