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How an Expert Guide Can Improve Your African Wildlife Photos

Bob and Shirley Sanderson have been on 13 Bushtracks safaris, most recently, to southern Africa in the company of photographer Dana Allen.  Here, Shirley explains the impact that Dana Allen has had on her photography, and why she and Bob have been on five photographic trips with him.

Shirley’s passion for African wildlife photos has taken her throughout Africa, so she knows firsthand the difference it makes working with an expert photo guide. Dana’s keen knowledge of animal behavior and practiced eye guided her so she got the perfect shot every time.

“We came upon a big, black-maned male lion with an impala kill at Shumba Camp in Kafue National Park, Zambia. Dana’s 30 years of experience in wildlife photography have given him an intimate knowlege of the natural history of all of the African animals you are likely to see on safari, including lions. He knew exactly how close we could get to this lion struggling to carry a carcass without stressing him or interfering with his task.

Sanderson photo of lion and its prey after help from Dana Allen

Above is the photo taken WITH Dana’s coaching and wildlife knowledge and below is the photo taken WITHOUT his expertise.

Sanderson photo of lion and its prey before help from Dana Allen

Because of Dana’s ability to reposition the vehicle so precisely, I was able to get a much better frontal shot of the lion than I would have gotten had we stayed in the same place. We’ve been on five trips with Dana Allen now: two polar bear expeditions and three private safaris.

He is much more than an extraordinary photographer and guide. He is also a terrific naturalist, excellent teacher, and a truly nice guy. He works closely with his clients to help them get the best wildlife photographs of their lives, using the equipment that they have to work with. We think the world of him.”

Check out some of Dana’s African wildlife Photos

Lion cub photographed by Dana Allen

Okavango Delta mokoro ride, photo by Dana Allen

Giraffe photographed by Dana Allen

Give us a call if you would like to travel with Dana Allen!


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