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Has an African Safari Been Calling Your Name?

Would you like to visit Africa, the second-largest continent in the world? Photographers flock to Africa to capture its limitless beauty. From rainforests to the Namib Desert, to majestic mountain ranges, canyons, and bodies of water, Africa offers breathtaking, lush scenery. Oh, and don't forget the wildlife! Look no further than Bushtracks Expeditions if you're thinking about booking an African safari. Our pros will help you plan out your trip, so you can sit back and relax.

Outstanding African Safari Packages

Bushtracks Expeditions can set you up with an African safari vacation that will outshine any other. Founded by the Tett family, whose members were born and raised in Africa, Bushtracks Expeditions is distinguished from other African safari companies by our six-generation wealth of knowledge and insider information. The Bushtracks safaris are all planned by African insiders who are well-versed in Africa's locations, camps, and guides. If you've ever imagined yourself in Africa, enjoying a well-planned safari, viewing zebras, elephants, rhinos, apes, and giraffes, book your African safari with Bushtracks today. The booking process is streamlined, so there's no reason to delay.

Africa Travel at its Finest

Specializing in an authentic experience, the Bushtracks Expeditions professionals perfectly plan your African safari. Your hosts, guides, and other native African people you will meet are individuals the Tett family has known for many years (several decades, actually). With a passion for preserving wildlife and an innate ability to share Africa and all it has to offer, your travels with Bushtracks Expeditions will be unparalleled. Those who book their African safari destinations with professional, seasoned Bushtracks experts are ensured an authentic African vacation experience with much exploration of the wildlife up close and in person, resulting in a superb, unforgettable trip that will evoke memories for a lifetime.

Sustainable Travel

The Tetts and the entire Bushtracks Expeditions organization are committed to Africa and its conservation. The safari lodges we book for our clients are set in the top wildlife locations, giving safari-goers an authentic trip rich in African traditions and sustainable practices.

Custom Dates

If you’d prefer to select your dates of travel rather than booking a scheduled safari, that is absolutely possible. The professionals at Bushtracks Expeditions can design a custom African safari tour so clients experience a trip that meets their needs while gaining a profound understanding of Africa, its wildlife, and all this continent has to offer. Select the camps and lodges that meet your budget. Each staff member at Bushtracks Expeditions has been to Africa, and we are known for creating a unique trip for each customer’s taste(s). When you book your African safari with Bushtracks, we can create a custom itinerary that fits you and your companions and accommodates your interests, intertwining wildlife and culture or focusing on one or the other.

Your African Safari Vacation Couldn't be More Authentic

Bushtracks Expeditions is family owned and managed by personnel who are profoundly ingrained in Africa’s wild lands and wildlife. Your safari booking will include safari routes, lodges, and guides we are intimately accustomed to. No reckless ‘throwing you into the wild’ by the travel planners at Bushtracks. We carefully help you choose your safari expedition by having a dialogue with you and your travel companion(s) about your wishes for this trip of a lifetime. Do you want to include some hiking? Do you want to focus on apes and gorillas, or do you want to be close to the river? Would you prefer to book a safari with a private jet? Explore African safari travel tours at Bushtracks Expeditions. Scheduled safaris with dates and prices are all outlined for you, and if these trips don’t work with your schedule, plan a customized safari. Bushtracks will make it work for you, no matter what.

Another consideration, for example, is each traveler’s preferred Africa safari lodgings. Are you in search of one of Bushtracks' “Premier,” high quality, five-star, luxury resort accommodations, or is the Bushtracks “Classic” option with fine living quarters more to your liking? Either way you go, you will experience the same parks, interact with experienced guides, and take in jaw-dropping wildlife viewing. Don’t forget to capture photos!

Location, Location, Location – Choose Your African Safari Destination

With Africa being the second-largest continent, there are many worthwhile areas to visit, and it can become quite perplexing when it comes time to choose your destination. By emailing, calling Bushtracks, filling out our online form, or requesting a catalog, our professionals can help you zero in on the perfect spot for your African safari. Whether this is your first safari or you’re a repeat safari traveler, count on Bushtracks and our knowledgeable personnel who can help you choose your location.

Enjoy Adventures with Peace of Mind

With Bushtracks, you can travel worry-free. We have 25 years of experience and are known for producing a safe, unforgettable safari for you and your family or other travel companions. Bushtracks has its own functioning bases in Africa, with employees including 50-plus local safari guides, drivers, and office staff. With our own operational locations in Africa, we are available 24/7, so you can enjoy your customized African safari without fretting over any unforeseen circumstances. We have you covered at Bushtracks!

Bushtracks Expeditions is a U.S.-registered company, so your trip investment is protected in a secure U.S. Travelers’ Trust Account. Any currency changes and foreign transaction fees are waived. Your safari will include comprehensive medical evacuation insurance, and should you need to cancel, you’re also able to be insured, so don’t let uneasiness about international travel to Africa hold you back!

Nothing But the Best for You

Entrust your African safari to the best of the best. Bushtracks not only plans travel for individuals, but we also book African safaris for National Geographic and the African Wildlife Foundation. You’re worth it! Go ahead and get in touch with Bushtracks Expeditions today to make your African travel dream a reality! Request a catalog or call 1.800.995.8689.


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