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Experience the Enjoyment of Luxury Travel Packages Out of San Francisco

There's a huge difference between going on a trip and taking advantage of luxury travel packages. Nobody knows this better than Bushtracks, a family-owned and -managed company that has been creating outstanding expedition travel out of San Francisco for over 20 years. You can trust us to make every facet of the trip something you will remember.

What is Included with San Francisco-based Expedition Travel?

Before you come to us for luxury travel services in San Francisco, you may wonder what you can expect from the process. Our itineraries are fully customized to ensure you see the places you want and have the chance to view exotic wildlife in their home domain.

In general, our packages include meals and drinks at game drives and safari camps, internal airfare and transfers, as well as full accommodation for you and the other parties in your group. After you cover immunizations, gratuities, trip cancellation insurance, and international airfare, the rest of the trip is on us.

Depending on your destination when choosing luxury travel packages in San Francisco, additional special activities may be available for a fee. This includes exhilarating experiences such as educational tours, white water rafting, city tours, and even hot-air ballooning.

What to Expect from Luxury Travel Packages from San Francisco

When you work with the expert travel planners at Bushtracks, you can experience a custom safari tailored to your desires. While this is a luxury experience, it doesn't come at a much higher cost than a traditional expedition where you are in a group of strangers with pre-packaged activities and events.

Luxury travel packages out of San Francisco don't require you to pay for things you don't want to experience. Instead, you select the dates for travel, which lodges and camps you'd like to visit, and much more. We pride ourselves on creating itineraries that meet your interests and schedules, whether you want to take in the culture, view wildlife, or combine the two.

Choose private jet travel from our luxury travel services in San Francisco to add even more relaxation and enjoyment to your next expedition to Africa or other exotic locations. With private jet travel, you get a direct flight to your destination without worrying about layovers and commercial flight access. It's a great way to build the trip of a lifetime.

Why Choose Bushtracks for Expedition Travel Out of San Francisco

There are dozens of reasons to choose Bushtracks for your African luxury travel packages out of San Francisco. One of the most important is that the entire experience is planned by experts who are connected to the continent's wild lands and animals. Our intimate knowledge of these places ensures you experience the best locations while adhering to sustainable practices and African traditions.

When you work with us to create a customized expedition, you get the knowledge of six generations of families in Africa and our own expeditions from childhood. You'll have the chance to experience private reserves without big crowds while connecting with outstanding guides and taking part in exclusive activities.

On top of that, our team creates a personalized safari experience that blends the culture of the United States with a thorough knowledge of Africa. Each of our planners has been to Africa and will sit down with you to create a trip that meets all your preferences.

When you're ready for a luxurious vacation that you'll never forget, get in touch with Bushtracks. We'll ensure you have a great time on every expedition you book.


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