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Enjoy the Excitement of African Expeditions Out of San Francisco

Are you searching for a trip that creates total exhilaration and amazement? If you want to experience new countries and wildlife while spending time with friends or family, there's nothing better than Bushtracks' African expeditions, departing from San Francisco. We're a family-owned and -managed company that creates personalized safaris in Africa tailored to meet all your desires.

With six generations of African heritage in the family, we're fully committed to preserving the beautiful wildlife, locations, and communities that play a vital part in the flora and fauna of the African continent. When you choose our African safari travel out of San Francisco, you can be sure you're signing up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What to Know When Choosing African Expeditions From Bushtracks

Every safari we create is unique, and each day is sure to be an adventure. You might get up early in the morning to view all the gorgeous wildlife in their natural habitat. Our game-viewing excursions make use of four-wheel-drive safari vehicles, walking with an expert guide, and seeing animals from a canoe or powerboat on a lake or river.

Most activities do not need to be booked in advance when you want the fun of African safari travel from San Francisco. The hosts we use are pleasant and flexible, with a desire to ensure you have a great time while you take in an exotic world that many will never see with their own eyes.

After a morning viewing wildlife, you'll enjoy lunch or brunch and time to rest and relax. In the early afternoon, enjoy a local snack before heading out again to look for more game. Once the sun hits the horizon, you can enjoy drinks and a short rest while watching the breathtaking African sunset.

Once you make it back to the camp, there's time to shower before hitting up the dining room for a fantastic evening meal. Enjoy a nightcap and coffee before hitting the sack in your comfortable bed for a wonderful night's sleep.

Who Can Sign Up for African Expeditions from San Francisco?

Many people want to bring the whole family along for such an invigorating experience. Bushtracks makes that possible as we have no minimum age for travel. However, it's essential to be sure appropriate accommodation is booked for young children.

When you work with Bushtracks on making African safari travel plans from the San Francisco area, you'll have the expertise of professionals who have been planning safaris for years. The expert assigned to you will ensure you know which countries require special documents for kids, so you can get them ready.

We offer several great destinations for younger safari-goers, many of which have special facilities and activities for children. Our expert safari planners will work with you to ensure even the youngest travelers will have an amazing time learning how to make crafts and track animals with community members of their own age.

How Large Are Groups for African Safari Travel from San Francisco?

Each of the vehicles we use can hold up to seven guests, with one passenger potentially sitting next to the driver. However, every lodge and camp will have unique formats. The most essential thing to know is that all passengers have access to a window seat so all members of the party can take in the beauty of Africa from a fantastic vantage point.

Whether you book our Namibia's Unique Places expedition, spend time on the Remote Southern Tanzania & Zanzibar tour, or try Southern Africa's Best Private Reserves trip, you're sure to have an outstanding time. Get in contact with us to learn more about how to get started and experience the most awe-inspiring views in Africa.

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