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Emirates’ partnership with Airlink allows more flights to South Africa.

From September 1, Emirates will offer twice-daily flights between Dubai and Johannesburg, as well as daily flights between Dubai and Durban. Emirates has announced a codeshare agreement with Airlink. Passengers flying into and out of South Africa now have access to more than 40 domestic and regional destinations in 12 African countries.

After the United Arab Emirates lifted travel restrictions on South Africa in August, Emirates announced a major increase in flights. When connecting between the two airlines, the codeshare will enable competitive prices, integrated ticketing, and smooth baggage transfers.

The United Arab Emirates is the latest major travel market to relax restrictions on South Africa, with many other major European nations following suit.

The German government said on August 1 that South Africa is no longer designated as an area of concern. The general travel prohibition has also been removed.

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