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Donald Johanson to Host Incredible Africa by Private Jet 2018

Donald Johanson, best known for his 1974 discovery of “Lucy,” one of the most complete skeletons of Australopithecus afarensis, was the Expedition Host of Incredible Africa by Private Jet scheduled September 2-22 in 2018.

Some 60,000 years ago, Homo sapiens ventured out of Africa for the first time, initiating what has become a favorite activity of our species: exploring the planet. We modern humans know that there is nothing like travel to reward all the senses, and now Bushtracks has designed the ultimate adventure: an unparalleled opportunity to venture back into Africa and see where it all began.

Church Saint George in Lalibela Ethiopia

I am thrilled and privileged to join you on this remarkable trip. As an anthropologist with a passion for studying the genesis and diversity of humanity over millions of years and more than 11 million square miles of African landscape, I have journeyed to this land many times over the past 50 years, and with each trip I am further enriched.

Traversing the full length of Africa, from the Mediterranean to Cape Town, in the comfort of our private plane, we will experience a variety of landscapes from desert to savanna to tropical rain forests, including the famously-populated game reserve, Masai Mara, and Victoria Falls, which is considered one of the all-time most spectacular sights in the world.

Travelers and guides come close to giraffes on a walking safari in the Mara - photo by Dana Allen

We will observe and photograph a vast variety of wildlife from exotic birds to great white sharks to the African apes, and you will soon discover that there is something about the stillness of an African dawn, punctuated by calls, roars, and grunts of the African bush, that stirs the ancestral urges within. The brilliant sunsets will make you catch your breath (and reach for your camera,) and sitting around an evening campfire, staring into the star-studded black Africa night, will leave you feeling humbled. Being in Africa, more than any other continent, inspires a unique opportunity to reflect on who we are, where we have come from, and what responsibilities we carry as the most dominant creature on earth.

Selinda Camp near Selinda Game Reserve in Botswana

I eagerly look forward to getting to know you on this once in a lifetime experience; sharing my experiences with you, and discovering with you, as we wing our way over Africa, the Cradle of Humankind.

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The first version of this article was posted on 22 Sep 2017 at 1:00 PM.


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