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Children in the Wilderness (CITW), a Wilderness Safaris partner, has launched a new impact initiativ

Avocado seedlings and large-scale agricultural assistance will be given to each home in the Kinigi Sector, which has a population of 23 000 people. This is only one of several major projects done in the areas surrounding Magashi Camp, Bisate Lodge, and the Gishwati-Mukura National Park. Other projects completed as part of Wilderness Safaris’ mission to make a positive difference in the community include:

  1. In the isolated Akayange community, a solar borehole and water pump were built.

  2. All 311 female students of Bisate Secondary School were given reusable sanitary wear kits.

  3. A volleyball court, drainage to prevent flooding during the rainy season, walkways to the classrooms, and the planting of trees for shade were finished at Gisunzu Primary School.

  4. In Bisate village, a large-scale agricultural and native tree nursery received a USD12 000 investment in infrastructure.

  5. Chairs, Tippy Taps, soaps, face masks, hand sanitizers, mats, and mattresses were given to Ejo Heza Nursery School.

  6. Mutuelle, a community-based medical insurance plan, received a contribution that will provide medical coverage for 158 of the most disadvantaged households for a whole year.

  7. A water filtration tank was constructed at Bisate Primary School to ensure clean drinking water.

Credit – Wilderness Avo Project


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