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Bushtracks & PEAS: A One-for-One Commitment to African Education

Bushtracks is proud to announce a partnership with PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools), a U.K.-based non-profit organization which has spent a decade creating a network of 31 African schools educating over 15,000 children in Uganda and Zambia. Here’s how every Bushtracks safari helps an African schoolchild build a ‘Big Life.’

Students walking to school

When you travel on a Bushtracks safari, Bushtracks pays for a year of secondary education for a student at a PEAS school in Uganda or Zambia, which also includes a nutritious meal during the school day, something that is often missing in these children’s lives.

“PEAS uniquely addresses the secondary school education cliff on a multi-country basis, allowing our travelers to give back to the places where the need is greatest,” explains Bushtracks president David Tett. “Data shows that secondary education is completely life-changing for young people, yet children in rural communities too often don’t have access to secondary education after finishing primary school in Africa. PEAS has a proven model that addresses that gap, and we know our travelers will be as proud as we are to be a part of their important work.”

Students in a classroom

The PEAS approach to education is focused on secondary education, and targets rural communities in need in Zambia and Uganda, building in areas where 250 or more children leave primary school every year without a secondary school to attend. PEAS works in partnership with local stakeholders, governments, and corporate sponsors, PEAS schools provide better educational outcomes for their students at a lower cost per capita than state secondary schools. Overall, PEAS students arrive with lower levels of attainment but leave with better grades than the national average.

John Rendel, founder of PEAS, adds, “PEAS helps children go on to have big lives. By a ‘big life’ we mean a fulfilling life. A secure life. A life they’re in control of. Education is not sufficient on its own to guarantee success, but it is the most fundamental foundation on which a child might hope to turn his or her life into a big life.”

To learn more about PEAS, visit

Kids wearing backpacks

The first version of this article was posted on 7 Nov 2018 at 2:25 PM.


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