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Bushtracks by Private Jet - See Our Expedition Photos from Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds

Bushtracks by Private Jet expeditions are incredible journeys that traverse the length of Africa in luxurious comfort, with many opportunities for enriching learning and lifetime experiences along the way.  This year’s ‘Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds’ toured 7 countries in 24 days, hosted throughout by renowned ecologist Carl Safina.

See the photos of our Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds private jet expedition which just ended last Saturday on December 21, 2019, to get a feel for the kind of adventure you can expect to experience if you choose to sign up with us and join David Tett, Don Johanson, Craig R. Sholley and Lisa M. Stevens for our next Bushtracks by Private Jet expedition, ‘Incredible Africa’.

During our Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds private jet expedition, we saw wild tigers:

Portrait of a wild tiger

Traveler participating in wildlife photography

Close up of a wild tiger smelling the ground in a dry field

And, enjoyed a variety of activities:

Local worker in front of local business

Local worker displays product for sale

Local worker restocks local business display

Group of travelers get on a boat for a water activity

Travelers pose for a group photo during their water activity

Chef relaxes after preparing a group dinner in Oman

Travelers enjoy their dinner in Oman

We hope that you enjoyed some of the photos from Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds. More of these images can be found on our social media sites, specifically our Instagram stories.

Call us at (+1.800.995.8689) and/or email us at for any inquires on our Incredible Africa private jet expedition in 2021.

The first version of this article was posted on 23 Dec 2019 at 12:13 PM.

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