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April Newsletter 2021

We weigh in on recently asked questions by our travelers: 1. What Are Safaris Like Right Now? 2. Have Bushtracks Travelers Been Venturing Abroad? 3. Are There Covid-19 Protocols During Safaris?

1. What Are Safaris Like Right Now?

Bushtracks President, David Tett, just returned from extensive travel in Kenya where he experienced first-hand what safari travel is like right now. February 2021 Bushtracks Safari in Kenya:

Here’s David’s Take-Away: – The Kenyan government mandates very stringent Covid-19 guidelines for all tourism establishments, and our camps and transfer operators all follow the highest level of safety and hygiene protocols. Entry requirements relating to Covid-19 are very straightforward and well implemented. – Here in the U.S., your waitress probably has not been tested for Covid; but in safari camps, testing of staff and daily temperature checks for staff and guests and a host of additional health measures are standard operating procedure. – By nature, safari travel feels quite safe – contact to other travelers is limited as camps typically are quite small, and common areas and tents are spaced apart. Additionally, activities and dining mostly take place outdoors in fresh air.

2. Have Bushtracks Travelers Been Venturing Abroad?

Yes! Safari travel is gaining momentum and bookings are seeing an uptick for this year. Here are quotes from some of our recent travelers: January 2021 Bushtracks Safari in Tanzania

BT travelers on a 2021 safari in Tanzania 2021 - Photo from Mr. Mayle
“We wanted to thank you for arranging, rescheduling, and shepherding our Tanzania safari last month. We had high hopes and it still exceeded our expectations, even with all of the anxieties and hiccups related to COVID.” – Mr. Mayle

February 2021 Bushtracks Journey in Egypt

2021 BT travelers standing in front of a pyramid in Egypt during their - Photo from Mrs. Epsey
“Bushtracks created the perfect itinerary encompassing Cairo, Luxor and luxury cruising up the Nile. Our accompanying Egyptologist wove together the Pharaonic history with the artifacts and sites making it come to life. No documentary can adequately capture the size, scope and wonder of actually walking among the iconic temples and tombs. We loved this trip!” – Mrs. Epsey

If you are ready to start planning your next adventure, we can recommend ways to minimize risk of exposure during your travels, for example by reducing the number of vehicle transfers and bush flights, and by booking more intimate accommodations in locales off the beaten path. For travel in 2021, we highly recommend single-country itineraries which simplify your travel logistics while also allowing you to immerse yourself more deeply in your destination.

3. Are There Covid-19 Protocols On Safari?

The short answer is, yes — all of our partner operators and camps are taking this pandemic very seriously. Therefore, no matter where your Bushtracks itinerary takes you, strict and comprehensive Covid-19 protocols are in place to protect you. Protocols at Accommodations Safari travel is better than ever. Many camps utilized the pandemic-induced travel hiatus not only to design and implement heightened hygiene and safety procedures, but also to perform camp upgrades and to re-imagine the entire camp experience, from activities to dining, to ensure an exceptional and safe adventure. In terms of camp-specific Covid protocols, you will likely encounter socially distanced meals, often al fresco; private dining options; reduced vehicle occupancy; protective face covering in public areas and during shared activities; temperature checks of staff and guests; and frequent sanitizing of accommodations, common camp areas, vehicles, and aircraft. Country-Specific Protocols Entry requirements and other Covid-19 regulations continue to evolve in step with the pandemic. For that and many more reasons, we suggest that you consider a single-country safari itinerary. However, regardless of the number of destinations you choose to visit, we will use our expertise to craft your dream trip around your unique priorities and personal comfort zone. Once booked, we will keep you up to date on any regulatory changes affecting your trip, so you will be well prepared. You may also find our Covid-19 page helpful:


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