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Amboseli in February

At a Glance:

Where is Amboseli?:  Amboseli National Park, Kenya is nestled at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro 226 miles southeast of Nairobi.

Why visit Amboseli?: Iconic impressively tusked elephants with the incredible backdrop of the world’s largest free-standing mountain. Meet and interact with the Masaai people who live here.

When to visit Amboseli?: In between the short and long rains February offers beautiful green scenery with warm dry weather and great conditions for photography.

Amboseli in southern Kenya is often referred to as the “Land of Giants”. It’s famed for not only its vast elephant populations but for being home to some of the world’s last remaining ‘big tuskers’, elephants whose tusks are so large that they reach the ground. The quintessential image of Amboseli is of one of these impressive elephants amidst the flat acacia-studded savanna, with the majestic backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro amidst a veil of clouds.  

The park encompasses a variety of environments, including arid plains and swampy marshes. The lush, green marshes at the heart of the park are crucial to the area’s wildlife and are fed by crystal-clear runoff from Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glaciers. 

Amboseli is at its best from June to October and January to February, when the weather is dry. Additionally, in February, the sky is clear of dust, and views of Mt. Kilimanjaro are spectacular, and bird watching is exceptional.

Amboseli is located deep in Maasai territory. Clad in blood-red blankets and striding across the plains, these proud, nomadic people have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. A visit to a Maasai village will provide unique insight into their fascinating traditional way of life.


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