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In December 2013, on safari in South Africa, my family and I got very close to a pack of African wild dogs (or Lycaon pictus).  If you scroll down, after reading, you will be able to watch our video of the African Wild Dogs we saw.

African Wild Dogs Are Unique To Africa

(lions and cheetah for example can be found in places like India, but not wild dogs)

They started out a bit like a sausage dog, with short legs and a long body. That was 40 million years ago and one of their descendants is the bear.

African Wild Dogs Today

What is neat about them today is they have evolved into efficient painted predators that are intensely social animals. They let their pups feed first at a kill, they care for the sick and injured, they adopt new members, and they mourn their deceased.

Adding to this is their wonderful vocalization and extension of their social world. It is an advanced communication that sounds excitedly squeaky, and is a unique and key strength of pack unity.

Watch our ‘African Wild Dogs’ video below:

The first version of this article was posted on 13 Mar 2014 at 2:13 PM.


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