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6 Ways Safari Camps Sustain Life


Mitigation of Human-Wildlife Conflict

Safari camps and safari lodges provide economic prosperity to local people and facilitate solutions for conflict between villagers and wildlife. Farmers for example can have trouble with elephants raiding their crops and destroying their livelihood, often inciting retaliatory measures. But when a safari camp is established in an area it not only has a vested interest in directly supporting measures for conservation of wildlife, it also provides jobs and a steady source of income to people from local communities.


Luxury Safari Camps Are Eco-Sensitive

African safari camps and lodges are different from hotels and resorts in several ways, but the most obvious distinction that they are much more integrated into the surrounding ecosystem. Safari accommodations are often forerunners in innovation for enhancing long-term sustainability and minimize ecological impact. Key principles include sourcing local building materials, energy efficiency (many are powered by solar energy), and sophisticated water and waste management.


Local Community Upliftment & Conservation Support

Safari camps and lodges provide many benefits to the local communities adjoining wilderness areas and often directly engage in wildlife conservation. Here are just two examples:

Bisate Lodge, located near Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, provides many varied job opportunities for local residents, and is dedicated to reforestation and habitat restoration for endangered mountain gorillas. Build a trip around Bisate Lodge, starting by taking a look at our Rwanda Primate Trekking and Wildlife safari, here.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Rwanda’s first ever community owned lodge, is owned by a Community Trust called SACOLA (Sabyinyo Community Livelihood Association), which uses rentals and community fees from Sabyinyo to support the communities adjacent to Volcanoes National Park. Build a custom trip around Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, starting by taking a look at our Rwanda Primate Trekking and Wildlife safari (which can be customized to include Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge), here. Or, join us next year on our scheduled private jet trip, Incredible Africa 2021, which includes a three day stay at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge for mountain gorilla trekking and more. See the itinerary, here.


Protection of Endangered Species

Many endangered species are at grave risk from poachers and need active and urgent protection. Tourism income provides financial support for efforts such as anti-poaching units and animal orphanages and rehabilitation centers in the vicinity of camp. The need for wildlife protection in Africa is immense, and many safari camps play an active part in creating success stories.


Wildlife Advocates

Collectively safari camps and lodges in Africa manage and protect millions of acres of important wildlife habitat. Simply staying at our hand-picked safari accommodations means you contribute to the conservation of these magical places. Safari camps also often employ animal specialists who can help educate visitors during their stay and who act as guardians for the animals on a daily basis.


Inspirational Tourism

Safari camps and lodges allow people the opportunity for immersive experiences in the African wilderness. Without these accommodations, staying in many areas would not always be safe nor logistically possible. The travelers who come to these camps play an important role. Learning first-hand about wildlife, ecosystems and the people of Africa helps to bring awareness to the area and add perceived value to places in the minds of people outside of Africa who often know little about the continent. In addition, many people who travel to Africa become inspired by their experiences to contribute and give back to Africa post-travel. Bushtracks Expeditions is a team with a strong love for supporting Africa and has also given back through various projects throughout its 30 years of planning safaris, and our 1% to Africa program is a commitment we continue to this day.

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Photo Credits: Hero Image, Bisate Lodge; Bisate Lodge Interior, Bisate Lodge; Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

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