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5 Reasons to Take Your Family on our 2019 Serengeti to Zanzibar Safari

As your family gathers for the holidays, it’s a great time to coordinate schedules and plan a family trip sure to delight all ages and create lifelong memories.  Departing in late June 2019, our 13-day Serengeti to Zanzibar adventure will introduce you to great wildlife diversity as well as the people of Tanzania, and concludes in complete relaxation on white sand beaches. Read on for five reasons this safari should top your list for 2019 family travel.

Cheetah walks in front of wildebeest in Serengeti National Park South Tanzania - courtesy of Kusini Camp

Endless Serengeti plains, big five sightings, river boat cruises past hippos and crocs, and the exotic white sand beaches and winding streets of Zanzibar — this safari has it all, and all within beautiful Tanzania. Flying by private plane between destinations ensures that you spend less time on the ground in transit, and more time on safari.

1. World-Class Wildlife in Dramatically Different Settings

You’ll experience the Serengeti migration and Ngorongoro Crater, plus lesser known treasures like Selous Game Reserve, a riverine paradise that happens to be Africa’s largest game reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the white beaches and spice islands of Zanzibar.

Bushtracks traveler smiles in company with African locals

2. Meaningful Cultural Encounters and Pack for a Purpose

In addition to world-class wildlife, we’ve included some very special cultural encounters for you, including the opportunity to “Pack for a Purpose” adding a few basic school supplies to your luggage and meeting the children and teachers who benefit from your generosity. You’ll also visit a Maasai village, and play a game of soccer with local schoolchildren.

Mother and son walk on the beach - photo by family friendly Mnemba Island Lodge in Zanzibar Tanzania

3. Conclude in Zanzibar’s winding streets and unwind on sandy white beaches

Our guests often tell us that they want to end their safari somewhere where they can relax. After several days of a safari schedule, you may welcome the down-time and discovery uniquely offered by Zanzibar’s tranquil beaches and the fascinating history of UNESCO site Stone Town. This is your safari’s final stop, allowing you to feel relaxed before beginning your journey home.

Louie Family during their Eastern Africa Game Drive

4. Make the most of family travel time together with private air

We’ve timed our two departures for the end of June 2019, a time when school is out, but before other summer activities begin. Make the most of your precious family time by spending it in camp exploring, rather than in airports or long road transfers. A private aircraft chartered for your group ties all these experiences together, saving you hours of travel time.

Kid travelers smile with the guides they met during their safari

5. Sit back, relax, and learn with a dedicated expedition team

Our U.S.-based experts will take care of all of your pre-travel logistics, and then put you in the good hands of an outstanding team of Africa-based hosts, educators and naturalists who will accompany you throughout your journey taking all of the details for you, and sharing a lifetime of insights on Africa’s wildlife, people, and life in Tanzania.

Inspired - Request a brochure and see zebras during a safari in Africa

The first version of this article was posted on 7 Nov 2018 at 9:43 AM.

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