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What are the World's Best African Safaris?

Dear Traveler, In wildness is the preservation of the world,” wrote Henry David Thoreau over 150 years ago. For the past 24 years designing African safaris, we’ve heard this sentiment restated in countless ways by our returning travelers whose views of the world and its creatures are forever altered on safari in some of the world’s […]

Safari Dining: Wildebeests & Cream Puffs

Ever wondered what dining in an African safari camp is like? Five-time Bushtracks traveler and guest blogger Ellyn Ludwig details her own safari dining experience in the Serengeti and explains why your African safari may not be the best place to start a diet. “Don’t look now but there’s a guy with a table on […]

Choosing Between Eastern & Southern Africa Safaris

Safari veterans broadly divide Africa into two regions, eastern and southern. Because of the continent’s enormous size, if you can narrow down your interests, focusing on one region or another makes sense during a two-week stay. As you consider the distinctive qualities of each region, it is important to note that these are generalizations only, and exceptions abound…

Bushtracks Presentation at the Golden Gate Club with Special Guest Donald Johanson

Although it was hard to imagine a more beautiful spot than San Francisco’s Presidio illuminated by the soft glow of a harvest moon this past Wednesday evening, Bushtracks president David Tett took 100 attendees on a virtual safari to the wild beauty of Africa during his 45 minute presentation filled with stories, his favorite places […]

How to put a giraffe under the tree (gift wrap available)

Bushtracks invites you to think outside the box this holiday season, and surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable gift: a safari to Africa’s top reserves on the date of your choice with all of the details handled by Africa experts. More and more people are choosing to give lasting experiences over traditional presents, and […]

Seba Camp: An Okavango Delta Safari Camp for Families

When planning a custom safari for families, family unit availability is a top consideration second only to choosing a productive wildlife destination. It’s not always easy finding camps in prime locations where a family of four or more can sleep together in the same tent or adjacent rooms. But we do have a great option […]

Packing for Paradise: Insider tips from Bushtracks' Specialist Guide

Welcome in Africa! Africa is not one place or an idea. It is massive continent (about twice the size of North America), with more than 40 independent countries. On a typical safari, you will be pampered as well as amazed at the visual and sensual splendor of the last truly wild big game areas on […]

Reopening of Zambia's Highly Desired Puku Ridge Camp

With much anticipation, the wait is finally over: Chiawa Safaris has announced the reopening of its’ newest Puku Ridge Camp, open to welcome you starting August 2019. Located deep inside Zambia’s incredible South Luangwa National Park, Chiawa Safaris is proud to collaborate with partners and new owners, Chichele Safaris, in the opening of one of […]

African Family Safari Trip Planning Over the Holidays

African Safari Trip Planning During Thanksgiving Dinner, – Nov. 8, 2013, Bushtracks Expeditions, Healdsburg, CA When carving out the best family vacation to Africa, there are a myriad of things to consider. With the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching on Thursday, November 28, many travel companies like us are bracing for the peak travel seasons. […]

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