Working With Conservation Organizations

In our lifetime wildlife numbers in Africa, and mostly worldwide, have plummeted by a disturbing 90 percent. You can put it down to one overriding factor – the increased human footprint. Since the fall of colonial systems African pastoralists mainly, but also wheat and maize farmers (as the locals say, ‘mealie’ farmers), have expanded across previously natural landscapes […]

AWF Mourns Passing of Nelson Mandela

AWF members and Bushtracks Expeditions owners Carolyn and David Tett share in the mourning of a great person, African wildlife conservationist and leader. The story below was previously posted on 05 Dec 2013 on Awf.org with the  title “AWF Mourns Passing of Nelson Mandela, Lifelong Conservationist and Political Activist” which we accessed from Bushtracks Expeditions, […]

Rwanda Remembers

Photo Credit: borneobulletin.brunei-online.com On April 7th every year Rwanda holds a Kwibuka ceremony, honoring the million lives lost through genocide 20 years ago. Kwibuka is the Kinyarwanda word for ‘remember’ and describes the global commemoration framework. Kwibuka20 calls on the world to stand against genocide in three key ways: To remember: Honoring the memory of those who […]

African Jackal in Wolf's Clothing

Ecologist and science journalist, and Bushtracks guest blogger, Cheryl Lyn Dybas explores the recent discovery of the gray wolves living mysteriously amongst Africa’s golden jackals, something which ancient Egyptians may have known long ago. In The Time of the Jackal Gods It is 2494 B.C., Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty.  A procession makes its way to a sun-temple, […]

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