Expeditions by Private Jet

5 Reasons to Take Your Family on our 2019 Serengeti to Zanzibar Safari

As your family gathers for the holidays, it’s a great time to coordinate schedules and plan a family trip sure to delight all ages and create lifelong memories.  Departing in late June 2019, our 13-day Serengeti to Zanzibar adventure will introduce you to great wildlife diversity as well as the people of Tanzania, and concludes […]

Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds: a New 2019 Private Jet Expedition

2019 will mark 30 years since we started Bushtracks Expeditions, and to celebrate this major milestone we’ve put together an eight-country expedition that represents everything that inspired us then, and thrills us now: incredible wildlife, exotic destinations, and opportunities to learn through travel. And did I mention we’ll go on safari in search of lions […]

Author and Conservationist Carl Safina to host 2019 Expedition

Lions and tigers, Africa and India: we are taking a great-cat-sized bite out of a great swath of two continents. And, we will also experience parts of the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. Our itinerary promises lands and luxuries, coasts and comforts, lions and tigers and maybe even bears. Quite a trip. All of […]

The Ultimate African Safari By Private Jet - 7 Reasons Why

Question: Why go by private jet? Answer: If you’re only going to Africa once, this is the ultimate African safari! And, we would love to explain why! Continue reading to learn more. Travel in comfort and security by private jet and bush planes watching as unforgettable Rift Valley vistas unfold below you with your every need attended to […]

Aug 2015 Africa by Private Jet Hosted by Bushtracks President

Africa by Private Jet is a program that I have been lucky to experience myself many times over the past 25 years, and I’d recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to see Africa’s great wildlife destinations in a single, 16 day trip. We’ll travel in comfort to the heart of Africa’s great wilderness […]

Africa by Private Jet & the Big Seven

Most people dream of spotting the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo) on safari, and consider themselves lucky if they do. But did you know that our Incredible Africa by Private Jet expedition adds mountain gorillas and great white shark sightings to the Big Five (making it the Big Seven)? And it adds […]

Author Jared Diamond to host 2016 Africa by Private Jet Expedition

Bushtracks is pleased to announce that Pulitzer-prize-winning author Jared Diamond will be joining Bushtracks President David Tett on the 2016 Jerusalem to Cape Town by Private Jet expedition, September 1-21, 2016. Here, Professor Diamond shares his thoughts on the expedition. The unique Bushtracks Africa by Private Jet program encompasses six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, plus Africa’s […]

2015 Africa by Private Jet Expedition Highlights

In August, Bushtracks President David Tett hosted an Africa by Private Jet expedition: exploring Africa’s Great Rift Valley from the Kalahari to Ethiopia over 16 days with 25 travelers. Here David shares some of his photos and highlights from this extraordinary Africa by Private Jet program. The combination of exciting destinations, personal and authentic experiences, […]

Introducing our Newest Safari by Private Air for 2018

I was born and raised in Africa along with my three brothers. We are now scattered across three different continents, which makes family reunions both challenging and rare. Choosing a location that makes everyone happy is key, and our extended family found that in Southern Africa on safari. Last year the four Tett brothers, our wives, […]

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