Expeditions by Private Jet

Africa by Private Jet: The World is Your Classroom

Our  Incredible Africa by Private Jet 2018 expedition showcases some of the world’s best known outdoor galleries like the Acropolis and Luxor, as well as some lesser known ones like Lalibela’s subterranean churches and a sculpture gallery on the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain outside Cape Town. While these places are legendary and timeless, the manner […]

Donald Johanson to Host Incredible Africa by Private Jet 2018

Donald Johanson, best known for his 1974 discovery of “Lucy,” one of the most complete skeletons of Australopithecus afarensis, was the Expedition Host of Incredible Africa by Private Jet scheduled September 2-22 in 2018. Some 60,000 years ago, Homo sapiens ventured out of Africa for the first time, initiating what has become a favorite activity of […]

Bushtracks Presentation at the Golden Gate Club with Special Guest Donald Johanson

Although it was hard to imagine a more beautiful spot than San Francisco’s Presidio illuminated by the soft glow of a harvest moon this past Wednesday evening, Bushtracks president David Tett took 100 attendees on a virtual safari to the wild beauty of Africa during his 45 minute presentation filled with stories, his favorite places […]

Lucy, Diamonds, and Africa by Private Jet

For Bushtracks blogger and avid traveler Ellen Ludwig all that glitters is not gold: Africa travel tops her wish list this holiday season. Here’s why she’s got her eye on the upcoming 2018 Incredible Africa by Private Jet expedition, hosted by anthropologist Donald Johanson. My husband tells me I read through the Bushtracks brochures like I […]

WATCH: Interview with Africa by Private Jet Host Donald Johanson

Recently I had a chance to sit down and talk about our upcoming 2018 Incredible Africa by Private Jet trip with my fascinating co-host, anthropologist Donald Johanson, and found his enthusiasm for the continent just as impressive as his landmark discovery of the hominid fossil ‘Lucy.’  This video captures the highlights of our conversation. Play […]

5 Reasons to Take Your Family on our 2019 Serengeti to Zanzibar Safari

As your family gathers for the holidays, it’s a great time to coordinate schedules and plan a family trip sure to delight all ages and create lifelong memories.  Departing in late June 2019, our 13-day Serengeti to Zanzibar adventure will introduce you to great wildlife diversity as well as the people of Tanzania, and concludes […]

Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds: a New 2019 Private Jet Expedition

2019 will mark 30 years since we started Bushtracks Expeditions, and to celebrate this major milestone we’ve put together an eight-country expedition that represents everything that inspired us then, and thrills us now: incredible wildlife, exotic destinations, and opportunities to learn through travel. And did I mention we’ll go on safari in search of lions […]

Author and Conservationist Carl Safina to host 2019 Expedition

Lions and tigers, Africa and India: we are taking a great-cat-sized bite out of a great swath of two continents. And, we will also experience parts of the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. Our itinerary promises lands and luxuries, coasts and comforts, lions and tigers and maybe even bears. Quite a trip. All of […]

The Ultimate African Safari By Private Jet - 7 Reasons Why

Question: Why go by private jet? Answer: If you’re only going to Africa once, this is the ultimate African safari! And, we would love to explain why! Continue reading to learn more. Travel in comfort and security by private jet and bush planes watching as unforgettable Rift Valley vistas unfold below you with your every need attended to […]

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