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WCN supports the Cheetah Conservation Fund

Bushtracks  is a proud partner of the Wildlife Conservation Network. Wildlife Conservation Network is an innovative United States-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that protects endangered species. They do this by supporting entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. Bushtracks Expeditions contributes 1% of the cost of each safari to wildlife […]

6 Ways Safari Camps Sustain Life

Mitigation of Human-Wildlife Conflict Safari camps and safari lodges provide economic prosperity to local people and facilitate solutions for conflict between villagers and wildlife. Farmers for example can have trouble with elephants raiding their crops and destroying their livelihood, often inciting retaliatory measures. But when a safari camp is established in an area it not […]

Featured Namibia Safari Camp: Desert Rhino Camp

A rhinoceros sighting is always a magical experience on safari. And, of the two African rhinoceros species, the critically endangered black rhino is more difficult to find, with the number of animals remaining estimated at 5,040 to 5,458 (source: Save the Rhino Trust, 2015). However, your odds increase significantly when you visit Desert Rhino Camp […]

Bushtracks Family Safari Guests Make AWF donation

It wasn’t all fun and games for the 37 Bushtracks travelers who visited Manyara Ranch this summer. They also presented John Salehe, Director of the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), and Fidelis Olekashe, the ranch manager, with a donation of $3,700 towards the Manyara Conservancy on June 26, 2017. Owned and operated by the Manyara Conservancy, […]

Bushtracks Supports Conservation in Africa

What do you get when you combine The Amazing Race with the challenging terrain of the Zambian bush and conservation in Africa? The Elephant Charge! This annual fundraising event puts teams in four-by-four vehicles and motorbikes in competition against one other as they race to complete a grueling course of ten checkpoints in the shortest […]

Safari Spotlight: African Wild Dogs

Photo taken by Bushtracks guest, Corey Goodman For many first-time safari-goers an African wild dog sighting can be as memorable as the Big Five. Seeing the interactions of a multi-generational pack evokes hints of domestic dogs, but Lycaon pictus has a grace and wildness that is all its own. Read on for five facts from our […]

Bushtracks to host a private screening of Vanishing Kings: Desert Lion Legacy

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.  Bushtracks Expeditions hosted a private screening of the film Vanishing Kings: Desert Lion Legacy in San Francisco with African filmmakers Will and Lianne Steenkamp on hand to answer questions about their award-winning documentary. With fewer than 120 desert lions remaining in the world, this lion population is […]

Bushtracks Donates Southern Africa Safari at the San Francisco SPCA 150th Anniversary Celebration

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Bushtracks’ owners David and Carolyn Tett joined San Francisco’s animal welfare advocates, government officials, and local luminaries (including those of the canine, feline, equine, and porcine variety!) to celebrate 150 years of rescuing and caring for animals with a gala celebration at San Francisco City Hall.  David is pictured introducing […]

Does Uganda Gorilla Trekking Help the Gorilla Population? Census Underway

From now until mid-May the Uganda Wildlife Authority will be conducting a gorilla census to better help manage and protect its endangered mountain gorilla population. The census team is optimistic about finding more habituated gorillas which would contribute to an increase in the overall population. The Associated Press reported last week that Uganda has begun […]

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