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    Uganda's Great Apes and Big Game Safari

    Chimps, Mountain Gorillas and Classic Gameviewing in Uganda

    For the wildlife enthusiast interested in meeting some of our closest relatives in the primate world, Uganda is a must-see. Boasting some of the most diverse habitats in Africa, the country's terrain ranges from big game savannas to tropical forest to mountains and river deltas, allowing you to combine primate adventures with classic big game viewing and river activities in a single safari. Murchison Falls offers classic safari activities, combined with relaxing river cruises, and forest walks. Your primate excursions will introduce you to the complex social hierarchy and behaviors of both chimpanzees and gorillas in their distinct habitats. Primate trekking is conducted on foot, over heavily vegetated terrain in small groups led by knowledgeable local guides who are able to interpret and follow signs on the forest floor to locate the animals, and, when you arrive, familiarize you with the distinct characteristics of individual animals with inspired storytelling.

    This is a sample itinerary and the price is an estimate, used for rough planning purposes only and is subject to change. Actual prices and availability must be finalized by one of our trip planners who will contact and confirm pricing with all accommodations and operators.

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    While you may call us with any questions you have, an in-depth safari discussion can take a half an hour. So please let us know a good time to call you by filling out the call request form below.

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