South Africa

    A Country of Variety

    South Africa is one of the main economic engines of Africa. It’s a mix of first world and third world, where the "Mercedes People" or "Amabenzi" live alongside third world poverty. Where stunning landscapes include the great Drakensberg range, the Big Five bushveld of Greater Kruger National Park, rugged coastlines where sardines run in their millions and great whites catch seals in the air, one of the most diverse of the world's six floral kingdoms called fynbos, beautiful Table Mountain in Cape Town, and the charismatic Karoo Desert. South Africa’s people are as diverse and vibrant as the country's landscapes: The Xhosa, Afrikaans of Dutch origin, Zulu, English and Cape Malay. Many South Africans enjoy the outdoor life, sports and rugby, conversation and jokes, and they are very enthusiastic about their country which makes for a fun and positive experience when you decide to explore the wildlife and culture of this great African country.

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